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March 3, 2010

Long Time Between Game Dinners

A while back in an op-ed column, NSSF President Steve Sanetti pointed out how the growing movement toward eco-friendly eating habits, such as acquiring more foods locally, was actually not new to hunters, who have long lived that lifestyle. Hunters just didn't think of themselves as "locavores."

Increasingly, though, hunting has become part of the national conversation about organic, wholesome foods, as in this story on National Public Radio's Web site, which notes that public approval of hunting is up and that young urbanites are taking an interest in "the chase."

Food editor Bonny Wolf writes, "Some young urban dwellers are getting in touch with their inner hunter. A couple of 20-somethings in San Francisco started the Bull Moose Hunting Society — and I quote — 'for those of us who have lost our instincts, our predatory skills and our connection to the wild world.'"

Wolf, who went 37 years between enjoying game dinners, now says that she better understands her place in the food chain and declares it won't be so long until her next tasty game meal.

Read the story, which is accompanied by a mouth-watering photo of a venison steak and a recipe for venison tenderloin.

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