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June 21, 2010

Kimber Manufacturing LTE Sets the Record Straight in Yonkers Tribune

This morning the Yonkers Tribune ran a letter to the editor from Kimber Manufacturing Chief Operating Officer Ralph Karanian regarding firearms microstamping. Take a look:

To the Editor:

Currently proposed microstamping legislation is not the “common-sense legislation” NYAGV’s Jackie Hilly and other proponents would have you believe.

The truth is that three independent studies have reached the same conclusion – that this sole-sourced technology is unreliable and easily defeated by criminals (Ref: Professor George Krivosta, Suffolk County Crime Laboratory in New York – AFTE Journal; Graduate Student Michael Beddow, Forensic Science Graduate Group – UC Davis; and National Research Council – National Academies Press).

These studies found that repeated firing pin strikes resulted in illegible marks, that the markings wore over time, and that they were easily removed in seconds with common household tools. Moreover, a National Academy of Sciences’ report recommends further study, as does the Fraternal Order of Police, the nation’s largest law enforcement group. All agreed that further testing, analysis, and evaluation are required.

Rather than being “gun lobby puppets” as NYAGV’s Jackie Hilly suggests in her letter to the Yonkers Tribune dated 6/17/10, Senators Skelos, Golden, Lanza, Hannon, Fuschillo, Valesky, Aubertine, and Stachowski appear to have simply done their homework. Perhaps they understand like many others do, that government mandates of unproven technology will waste tax dollars and put all-important manufacturing jobs at significant risk.

I applaud these Senators well reasoned votes and encourage their colleagues to follow suit. If passed, microstamping legislation will yield little more than a false sense of achievement for our elected officials and likely distract us all from pursuing truly effective solutions. 

Ralph E. Karanian, COO
Kimber Mfg., Inc
Yonkers, NY

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