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October 9, 2012

Hunting Season Has Started, And So Has The Election!

#gunvote 2012 -- Don't Risk Your RightsThe leaves are beginning to turn colors and there is crispness in the morning air. Hunting season has begun, and so has the election!

If on Election Day you will be away on a long-planned, and well-earned hunting trip – or if you will be away from home for any reason – don’t lose your opportunity to vote. Just as you plan your hunt, plan to vote. Remember to get an absentee ballot and #gunvote! This election will be the most important of our lifetimes for those of us who care about preserving and protecting our American hunting heritage and shooting sports traditions, as well as our Second Amendment rights.

While Election Day isn’t until Nov. 6, the fact is that the voting has begun, even before the first presidential debate.

Early voting laws have been adopted in about half the states, including key swing states such as Virginia, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and Wisconsin. So if you reside in an early voting state you may be able to #gunvote right now, even if you won’t be afield or away from home.

Whether you cast your vote in person on Election Day, or vote by absentee ballot or take advantage of early voting where allowed, the important thing is that you exercise your right and #gunvote. This election will be razor close, and your vote really will matter. You can be in your tree stand, your duck blind, or driving pheasants with the satisfaction of knowing that you already have voted for President, Congress and other offices. More than in previous years, there are simply no excuses for not voting – Don’t Risk Your Rights! #gunvote

Here is an online way to request your absentee ballot.

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