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June 21, 2021

Free Webinar Series: 2021 Firearm Retailer/Range Compliance Education

Education is key to helping your company improve operations, public safety, and the firearm industry’s overall health. For this reason, NSSF® and Mastercard® have partnered to offer the 2021 Firearm Retailer/Range Compliance Webinar Series, a FREE in-depth industry compliance training and insights for businesses operating within the firearms industry.

Next Webinar: NFA Compliance

With more and more FFLs engaging in the sale of NFA-regulated inventory it is critical that we review the regulations that govern the transfer and sale of these items. Join us on Monday, July 9, 2021, at 1 p.m. EDT for “NFA Compliance”. During this training, NSSF’s expert compliance consultants will help FFLs navigate the compliance landscape when dealing with serialized inventory that is subject to NFA compliance regulation.


Upcoming Session: A Review of NICS and the Background Check Process

In this training, we will look at how FBI NICS deals with the information you and your customer document on ATF Form 4473 to determine whether the transfer of a firearm should occur. The background check process can be complex and it is critical that FFLs understand the myriad scenarios that can occur when conducting a background check. Correctly performing and completing a background check is critical to remaining compliant and in helping do your part to keep firearms out of the wrong hands. Join us on Monday, July 26, 2021, at 1 p.m. EDT for “A Review of NICS and the Background Check Process.”


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The 2021 Firearm Retailer/Range Compliance Webinar Series is a year-long offering covering topics from ATF inspection preparedness, Straw Purchase awareness training, improving store security, OSHA lead & noise compliance and more.

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Webinars You May Have Missed:

Webinar 5: Have a Brave Conversation: A Discussion on Suicide and Suicide Prevention with NSSF and AFSP

Nearly two-thirds of all firearm deaths are suicides, and these numbers increase when we look at suicide among our community of veterans. The NSSF, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and the Department of Veterans Affairs have partnered in a groundbreaking collaboration to involve the gun-owning community in the discussion to help stem this loss of life. We review how FFLs can get involved during this session and help recognize the warning signs of someone suffering a mental health crisis. After this training FFLs will better understand the important role our industry can play to help prevent suicides, with emphasis on preventing unauthorized access to firearms.

Webinar 4: California Department of Justice FFL Inspection Preparation

FFLs across the United States deal with a litany of federal, state, and local regulations, and must remain compliant with these rules to maintain the licenses needed to conduct business and to do their part to help keep our communities safe. None might know this better than the FFLs in California. Faced with the most complex web of regulations known, California FFLs have to be on top of their game to remain compliant and we are here to help. Not a CA FFL? Understanding the challenges that California FFLs face can help you be better prepared for what may come in your state. During this training, NSSFs CA DOJ compliance experts will help CA FFLs understand what licenses and reporting are required in California and cover what to expect and how to prepare for an eventual CA DOJ inspection.

Webinar 3: Form 4473 and Acquisition/Disposition Compliance

All FFLs use them, so let’s discuss Form 4473 and Acquisition & Disposition Records. It’s been 6 months since the industry has started working with the latest version of Form 4473, so what has changed? In this training, NSSF’s expert compliance consultants will review the latest updates to Form 4473, share what they are seeing in the field, and review the most common errors being discovered by ATF and industry on the 4473 and A&D records, and how to avoid them.

Webinar 2: Straw Purchase Awareness Training for your FFL Team

For over 20 years the NSSF and ATF have partnered to bring awareness to the critical topic of Straw Purchases via the Don’t Lie for the Other GuyTM straw purchase awareness program. This program provides scenario-based training and point of purchase materials that explain some warning signs of a straw purchase, how to deal with an attempted straw purchase, and how policing for straw purchases will help protect your business, staff, customers, and community. This training will also help FFLs better educate the public about the significant consequences that can result from lying on the ATF Form 4473 to purchase a gun for someone who is not legally able to own one.

Webinar 1: What to expect during an ATF Inspection and how to be prepared

The ATF may arrive at your business any day to inspect your compliance with various industry-specific regulations. While the ATF is here to work with our industry, and not against it, there are several things they will be looking for to ensure you are operating within the law. Mistakes can be costly and interrupt the flow of business, but with some training and attention to detail, you can pass your next ATF inspection with flying colors! Join retired ATF staffers turned NSSF compliance consulting experts Wally Nelson and Harry McCabe – they will tell you what to expect and how to prepare for your eventual ATF inspection.

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