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March 2, 2015

Discount on Specialty Firearms Display Cases Available to NSSF Members

NSSF partners with a custom cabinetmaker to offer its members a discount on specialty firearms display cases.

The nature of today’s retailer demands display cases that show off their firearms to their best advantage while also securing them from accidental walk-offs and theft. The problem with most display cases is that despite the best locking doors, they’re all made of glass, making them prime targets for smash-and-grab thieves. Our affinity benefit member offers a preventative solution to such scenarios with display cases that offer a number of benefits over traditional, plain glass cabinets. These enhancements include:

  • Hardwood case frames (much stronger and more durable than the aluminum and pressboard frames of most generalized display cases)
  • Roll-top, full-coverage display case armor—nearly indestructible
  • One-sided-access, lift-display Modern Sporting Rifle cases. Pose them vertically during store hours, then drop them horizontally to join the full-size display case beneath it to further secure these firearms after store hours. This special case can be retrofitted with the company’s proprietary, ultra-secure locking system.
  • Multi-lock sliding case doors
  • Individual locking internal display drawers for added security when cases are open
  • Optional polycarbonate glass
  • Long gun and handgun options
  • Lighting and logo options

Whether you need just one or two cabinets to fit a store expansion or a customized complete store setup that includes shelving accessories, magazine and ammo displays and point of sale counters, this affinity benefit member can provide the tools you need to highlight your inventory and keep it secure. For more information on this company and the discounts afforded NSSF members, email [email protected].  Get more information about joining NSSF or upgrading your membership.

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