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May 2, 2011

Boston Mayor Shows his True Colors

In a move demonstrating his true motivations, anti-gun Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino, a longtime gun-control supporter and co-founder of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) coalition, took aim at Wal-Mart for bringing back long guns to many of its U.S. stores.  This criticism was lodged despite the willingness of Wal-Mart to sign the MAIG “responsible dealer” code. You might think that Menino, and MAIG for that matter, would have no problem with Wal-Mart returning firearms to the shelves of more of its stores so that law-abiding customers could, after passing an FBI background check, purchase a rifle or shotgun. However, you would be mistaken.  Even though Wal-Mart is doing every last thing Mayor Menino and his colleagues at MAIG claim a dealer must do to be “responsible” (implying other dealers are not), the mayor of Boston lashed out at the company, saying “It’s too bad that the same corporation that does TV commercials about social consciousness is trying to increase the number of guns on our streets. I don’t think it’s a wise business move on Wal-Mart’s part.”

Clearly, Mr. Menino is just another anti-gun politician who will only be happy once Federal Firearms Licensees stop selling firearms altogether.
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