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March 3, 2020

Bloomberg’s Second Amendment Distortions on Full Display During Fox News Town Hall

By Larry Keane

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg thinks because he’s rich and running for the Democratic presidential nomination, it’s perfectly fine for him to be protected by guns. Regular Americans? Not so much.

During a Fox News Town Hall, the former New York City mayor fielded an audience question regarding his gun control platform questioning his hypocrisy for promoting a ban on the firearms and magazines he relies on for protection. The question was as stunning as it was simple. “Does your life matter more than mine, or my family’s or these people’s?” 

More Equal Than Others

Not surprisingly, Bloomberg’s answer went over like a lead balloon. He dismissively responded, “Alright, look… I probably get forty or fifty threats every week…That just happens when you’re the mayor of New York City, or very wealthy, or campaigning for the president of the United States. You’re gonna get lots of threats.” So yes, Bloomberg believes his life is more valuable than that of everyday Americans.

The former mayor gets it so wrong because he is fundamentally wrong about from where inalienable rights are derived. The guy who wants to be the nation’s chief executive might want to go back for a college refresher on the Constitution and Bill of Rights, specifically regarding the Second Amendment.

“The Second Amendment gives you the right to bear arms,” he incorrectly claimed. “Nobody suggests that we’re going to change the Constitution.”

Bloomberg’s wrong again. The Bill of Rights defines and protects our unalienable rights, as “endowed by their Creator.” The right to bear arms is protected within the Second Amendment, not granted by the Second Amendment – and law-abiding Americans understand this deeply. It tells the government what it cannot do to this right. It’s why Bloomberg is completely wrong on the rest of his gun grabbing platform as well.

Firearms Fairy Tales

Bloomberg’s falsehoods continued in his attempt to convince Americans they should give up just a little more of their liberty for a little more “security.” He tried to explain, “The law does not apply to guns sold over the internet or at gun shows. Why? Because those two things came after the law that applies to gun stores was passed.”

Bloomberg lies when he says background checks only take place in gun stores. The only other explanation is he’s so severely misinformed on the issue he should shut down his gun control groups immediately. Firearms sales conducted by federally licensed retailers through the internet must be completed in a face-to-face transaction that includes an FBI background check. Firearms retailers selling guns at gun shows across the country follow the same laws and regulations as they do in their retail locations. The sale is finalized with an approved FBI background check.

Gun Grabbing Platform

As if that weren’t enough for Americans to look elsewhere, there’s more. Bloomberg also wants to ban the sale of the most popular selling centerfire rifle in the country. There are more than 17.7 million modern sporting rifles in circulation today. It’s also the most popular selling centerfire rifle on the market.

Bloomberg’s gross misinterpretation of the Second Amendment is cause for real concern among law-abiding Americans. None of his proposals would affect him. After all, he’s rich. He’s also running for president. According to his thinking, these are reasons enough for him to enjoy the protection firearms offer. The rest of America? Not so much.

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