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August 24, 2012

Annie got her gun: Why the rise in female firearms ownership is good for America

It was big news this week when Augusta National Golf Club admitted the first female members in its history. While this may be a big step for the golf world, there has never been a lack of participation by women in the shooting community. The tapestry of the American West is woven with the stories of amazing women sharpshooters from Annie Oakley to Calamity Jane. Each cut a trail across the parched landscape with guns-a-blazin’ adding to the richness of American history.

So the news of a sharp rise in female gun ownership in the last few years comes as no surprise.

The rise in female firearm ownership is not only for self-protection, but also for sport –- sometimes fiercely competitive sport! In this year’s Olympics, female members of the USA Shooting Team came away with two medals and a first in Olympic history, when Kim Rhode become the only athlete to win medals in five consecutive games. NSSF honored the team’s achievements with an ad in USA Today.

The rise in female ownership is not only great for broadening the appeal of shooting sports, but also for the protection of our right to bear arms, which is under increasing attack. More people owning and using firearms safely and responsibly helps to safeguard all of our freedoms.

America was founded upon the principles of freedom for all. The rise in female firearms ownership confirms that the Second Amendment is for all citizens.

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