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June 25, 2019

Adding the Wow Factor to Your Range

Range technology has come a long, long way in recent years. Gone are the ranges with poor air circulation, narrow lane booths and target retrieval systems that seem to spend more time stuck in place than doing their job.

Indeed, there’s a wealth of new range equipment available, so much it’s tough to tell the difference between what’s necessary, a valuable upgrade and a superfluous add-on that’s not worth the investment. That’s why we developed our 2019 Range-Retailer Business Expo workshop “Expert Tips on Selecting Range Equipment.”

Range build expert Bryan “B.A.” Stear returns to the podium for this session, joined by David O’Meara, Operations Manager at TI Training, a leading manufacturer of force firearms training simulators for law enforcement officers. The pair will cover a wide array of new range technology ranging from the must-haves — filtration systems, ceiling baffles, ventilation — to the things that enhance the client experience, such as computerized target setups, simulators and other interactive tech that engages and ups the fun factor, as well as improve maintenance efficiencies and streamline safety protocols.

Those in the new range startup phase are particularly encouraged to attend, as are owners seeking to upgrade and add some wow factor to their existing footprints. There’s a lot to cover in this session, so bring your notebooks and questions.

David O'Meara and Brian StearExpert Tips on Selecting Range Equipment

Date/Time: Monday Aug. 19, 11:15 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

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