NSSF is the trade association for America's firearms industry.
Our mission: To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.
NSSF is the trade association for America's firearms industry.
It's mission: To promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.
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September 2, 2014

Vol. 15 No. 34

D.C.'s Reagan National Airport Says No
to Ads Deemed OK at 5 Other Airports

Hartford-Springfield Airport's display of Project ChildSafe advertising.

PROJECT CHILDSAFE IS ABOUT SAFETY, NOT POLITICS — AND YET . . . As another way to reach out and spread our industry's message of firearm safety and responsibility, NSSF has been running Project ChildSafe "Own It? Respect it. Secure it." public service ads in some of our nation's airports. Thousands of travelers will see the ads over the course of this year and next. That is, travelers through airports except for Reagan National Airport serving Washington, D.C. Five other airports have accepted or already run the ads -- Hartford-Springfield, Las Vegas, Little Rock, Providence and St. Louis. But not Reagan National. Here, in the airport serving the nation's capital, what had been routine purchasing of ad space for public service advertising ran into, you guessed it, politics. Said a knowledgeable person who tried to help this process along, "D.C. is a very political market and this is not something they want to be involved in." Read more about it in this blog post by NSSF Senior Vice President and General Counsel Larry Keane. Bob Owens, who writes "Bearing Arms" for Townhall.com, also took aim at Reagan National's decision.

Project ChildSafe

  • UTAH AWARDS NSSF BID TO PROVIDE PROJECT CHILDSAFE FIREARM SAFETY KITS . . . In contrast to the attitude at the airport serving our nation's capital, the State of Utah has chosen NSSF in a bidding process to supply Project ChildSafe firearm safety kits to groups that teach gun safety, health care providers and school districts. The state recently enacted legislation to fund the distribution of firearm safety materials. Over the past decade, Project ChildSafe has distributed more than 36 million safety kits with gun locks to help decrease firearm accidents and save lives. Every week, NSSF receives requests for thousands of safety kits from law enforcement agencies around the country. Utah is expected to purchase about 30,000 kits per year during the planned three- to four-year program. Learn more about Project ChildSafe. Donate to Project ChildSafe.

  • HEAD OF YOUTH SHOOTING SPORTS ORGANIZATION NAMED PROJECT CHILDSAFE LOCAL CHAMPION . . . NSSF has recognized Mike Borg, President and Executive Director of USA Youth Education in Shooting Sports of Colville, Washington, as a "Local Champion" for his efforts to promote firearm safety in his region. Borg makes NSSF's Project ChildSafe integral to all of the organization's youth outdoor experience events, including clay targets, archery and other shooting sports. "It is important for us to educate both parents and youth to show that shooting sports are safe sports and provide young people with the knowledge of how to properly use and store firearms safely." Read more.

    Government Relations

  • AMMO REGISTRATION BILL DEFEATED IN CALIFORNIA . . . Sportsmen, gun owners and retailers in California scored a major victory on Saturday as the California Assembly was unable to muster the votes (35-35-8) to pass an ammunition registration bill. The proposed law would have required firearms retailers to report identifying information to state authorities for all ammunition purchases made in the state. Sen. Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles), the next Senate president, originally proposed that those buying ammunition be required to obtain a state permit and undergo a background check before each ammunition purchase. The bill was amended numerous times in an attempt to force passage and the final version that failed would have required ammunition sellers to provide information on purchasers to the state Department of Justice after the fact, including buyer name, address and date of birth, in addition to the date of the sale, brand, ammunition type and quantity. NSSF would like to thank everyone who expressed their opposition to help defeat this bill.

  • MICHIGAN HOUSE PASSES SCIENTIFIC FISH & WILDLIFE CONSERVATION ACT . . . The Michigan House of Representatives last week passed on a 65-43 vote the citizen-initiated Scientific Fish & Wildlife Conservation Act (SFWCA). The House action was preceded by State Senate approval, so the SFWCA now becomes law. This victory for all sportsmen in the state confirms Michigan's commitment to ensuring that decisions affecting the taking of fish and game are made using principles of sound scientific fish and wildlife management. The measure also provides for free hunting, fishing and trapping licenses for active members of the military. NSSF thanks everyone for their efforts in securing this victory.

  • ANTI-HUNTING GROUP GOES BIG ON MAINE BEAR HUNTING BALLOT QUESTION . . . As of the latest reporting period, the anti-hunting Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) had contributed a total of more than $1.6 million in support of the Nov. 4 Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting ballot question. By any measure, this is an astounding amount of money to put behind a ballot measure in a state of that size. As NSSF has warned previously, HSUS is pursuing a state-by-state strategy intended to attack and erode America's hunting traditions. To find out more visit the Save Maine's Bear Hunt and Management Programs site.

  • VISIT GUNVOTE FOR LATEST ELECTION INFORMATION . . . With November's local, state and federal elections fast approaching, NSSF would like to remind all its members and the shooting public about our GUNVOTE initiative. Simply go to nssf.org/gunvote for up-to-date news on political races important to our gun rights. You'll also find RSS feeds to Senate, House and Governor races, as well as links for voter registration, absentee voting information, polling places in your area and more. We also encourage all our members to download the free GUNVOTE button for use on websites, blogs and marketing materials. Don't Risk Your Rights. Get out the GUNVOTE.

For more Government Relations news, read NSSF's latest Government Relations Update.


  • CALIFORNIA WAITING PERIOD CLARIFIED FOR CURRENT GUN OWNERS . . . A federal court has curtailed California's 10-day gun purchase waiting period for concealed carry permit holders and other gun owners in the state, finding that such a requirement burdens the Second Amendment. The decision upholds the rights of those who have previously undergone a background check and already own a gun, individuals with CCWs and people who have a certificate of eligibility to own a gun. First-time firearms purchasers are still subject to the 10-day waiting period from the date of purchasing a firearm and taking possession of it. California has 180 days to change the law. Read the court decision.


  • DID YOU KNOW? . . . NSSF members receive a special discount on services provided by a payment processing company dedicated to providing top-end service to the firearms industry. Backed by experts who understand our business, our partner company has a suite of products retailers and other vendors can utilize, including gun-friendly credit and debit card processing, credit card and check processing website services, automatic payment services for recurring fees and wireless payment solutions, including tablet and smartphone applications, for those conducting transactions at gun shows. These products and others offered by our partner company can offer significant savings over more traditional credit processing enterprises. For more information, members should log in to the members-only side of nssf.org and click on the member benefits section.

  • RETAILERS/RANGES JOIN NOW FOR SHOT SHOW PRICING BENEFITS . . . Fall is just around the corner, and that means the 2015 SHOT Show is just a few short months away. If you're making plans now to attend, this is the perfect time to join NSSF and receive the newly reduced SHOT Show attendee fee afforded to our retail/range members. Retailer and range members receive a discount of 50 percent off the non-member SHOT Show registration price. Joining is as easy as clicking here. Please allow three to five business days for new membership applications to be processed. For more information, email membership@nssf.org.


  • UPDATED NSSF TARGET SHOOTER AND BOWHUNTER REPORTS AVAILABLE . . . Retailers looking to stay ahead of the competition and keep their stores stocked with inventory their customers need and want will appreciate two newly updated market reports on target shooters and bowhunters. Each report contains the four most recent year's worth of consumer demographics and purchasing habits (2010-2013) on a wide variety of products pertaining to target shooting and bowhunting. In addition to historical demographic and participation data, each report also provides historical market share and average purchase price data for top products in their respective markets. Data is sourced from Southwick Associates HunterSurvey.com and ShooterSurvey.com online consumer panels. Members may purchase either report for $75; non-members may also purchase these reports for an additional fee. Click here for additional information.

  • 2013 U.S. FIREARM PRODUCTION UP 14.9 PERCENT . . . NSSF reports that the 2013 Interim Annual Firearms Manufacturing and Export Report (AFMER) has been posted to the ATF website. The interim report shows a 14.9 percent increase in US production of handguns and long guns; the full AFMER data for 2013 is expected to be posted in January 2015. NSSF's latest Industry Intelligence Report on Firearms Production in the United States can be viewed by NSSF business members by logging in here.


  • VOLQUARTSEN CUSTOM BECOMES NSSF RIMFIRE CHALLENGE SILVER SPONSOR . . . Rifle innovator Volquartsen Custom is set to join the NSSF as its newest Silver Sponsor of the Rimfire Challenge. A pioneer in the customization of Ruger's famed 10/22 rifle, Volquartsen today crafts some of the world's finest rimfire rifles and handguns. Read the full press release.

  • HOUSTON AND CHARLOTTE HOME TO NEWEST NSSF FIVE STAR RANGES . . . NSSF is pleased to announce that two more ranges have been awarded our prestigious Five Star Range rating. Athena Gun Club in Houston, Texas, and Carolina Sporting Arms of Charlotte, North Carolina, received this honor and NSSF's highest range rating thanks in part to their wide variety of products, services and range programs. Said Zach Snow, NSSF Manager, Shooting Promotions, "Both are first-class indoor shooting ranges and retail operations. We're very pleased to see that both these ranges are listening to their customers' wants and needs and responding at the level they do." For more information on how your NSSF member shooting range can apply for Five Star Range consideration, click here.


  • A SAMPLE OF TWO OF THE MANY CALLS WE RECEIVE REGARDING ATF COMPLIANCE . . . The great questions keep coming into our NSSF members-only hotline. Just a quick reminder, this is a complimentary hotline our members can use for compliance-related questions as often as they like and with no additional charges. Here are a couple of questions we receive quite frequently. The first concerns when a customer inadvertently marks box 12 on the 4473 form and how to properly correct this mistake. The second relates to states with concealed carry permits and whether that license can be accepted in lieu of a NICS check. Click here to find the answers to these and many other questions our members have posed.

  • http://nssf.org/share/images/Capitol_150.jpgCOMPLIMENTARY PASS TO SHOT SHOW UNIVERSITY FOR PREMIUM RETAIL MEMBERS . . . Seats at SHOT Show University are some of the most sought-after in Vegas. To encourage attendance by those who have the most to gain from this important seminar, NSSF is pleased to announce that any premium retail member wishing to attend will be offered one complimentary ticket to the event. Held the day before the opening of the show, Jan. 19, 2015, this year's SSU features keynote addresses by renowned executive coach Dr. Linda Talley, and motivational speakers from Afterburner, Inc., developer of the Flawless Business Execution plan. In between the two, SSU "students" have four educational tracks to choose to participate in: ATF Compliance, Drive Your Sales, Retailing 101, and Veteran Retailer. Prior to the opening of SHOT Show registration, premium retailer members will receive an e-mail containing the code needed to receive their complimentary ticket to this year's event. Additional tickets may be purchased at the same time for the standard price of $250. Keep an eye on your inboxes, there's more information coming soon. To become a premium retailer member or upgrade an existing membership, please e-mail membership@nssf.org, or visit the membership page of nssf.org.

News of Note

  • SAVE THE DATE FOR THE 2015 NORTH AMERICAN DEER SUMMIT . . . The National Deer Alliance (NDA) has scheduled its 2015 North American Deer Summit for May 6-8 in Louisville, Kentucky. This day-and-a-half event will focus on identifying specific strategies, timelines and metrics for addressing major issues affecting deer hunting and management. Mark your calendar and stay tuned for registration information. To learn more about the event, contact Kip Adams at kadams@qdma.com.

  • FEDERAL EXCISE TAX WAIVERS FOR THOSE HIT BY CALIFORNIA EARTHQUAKE . . . If your business has been affected by the Northern California Earthquake, you may be able to qualify for a late Federal excise tax filing, payment or deposit penalty waiver. The Treasury Department's Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) issued an announcement, available online here, that outlines the qualifications for such waivers and provides contact information for the National Revenue Center. According to the announcement, penalty waivers may apply to taxpayers whose place of employment is located in the affected area and taxpayers whose records are maintained in the affected areas.

  • SHOUT-OUTS FOR NSSF FIRST SHOTS MANAGER TISMA JUETT . . . We're always appreciative when people knowledgeable about our industry have something nice to say about the work of our NSSF team members. So, we thank Caleb Giddings, the self-described "President and Boss Man" at Gun Nuts Media, for recently selecting our own Tisma Juett as one of "5 people doing great things for the shooting community" for her work at the helm of our First Shots program. About a month later, Lee Williams, "The Gun Writer" for the Sarasota Herald Tribune, praised and reprinted Tisma's article, "Demystifying the Modern Sporting Rifle," as ". . . one of the best stories ever on the AR."


  • FIREARMS INDUSTRY JOBS . . . Visit www.nssf.org/jobs for current employment opportunities in the shooting, hunting and outdoor industry. Employers: Log in to post a job opening.


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