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March 24, 2015

Video Surveillance Vendor Offers Substantial Discounts to NSSF Members

NSSF partners with a leading developer of video surveillance equipment to offer its members a substantial discount on these specialized security tools.

If you have inventory, you need watchful eyes on it 24/7. That means video surveillance is an indispensable security and analytical tool for retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers. Our U.S.-based partner in this effort can provide firearms industry-specific, customized software and surveillance programs backed by an in-house team of service experts and technicians.

The core of our partner’s system is a specially designed software package that provides flexibility and scalability, including integration for up to 32 cameras, audio recording, JPEG snapshots and remote viewing capabilities. A variety of backup and storage options are available, and the company provides 24/7 support, online system use training tutorials and toll-free technical assistance. Their setups can include system health monitoring, incident management, and special options such as door monitoring, real-time temperature assessment, customizable feedback reporting that includes customer wait time, staffing and cash handling statistics, and even point of sale integration that captures transactions at the register and stores that data for later, search-driven retrieval.

These tools and more can help anyone in the business of selling hard goods reduce product theft, protect against point-of-sale errors, monitor sensitive areas for access, ensure employee and customer safety, record after-hour threats and identify areas for improvement in customer traffic, product handling, display and more. If you have a storefront or warehouse, you owe it to you and your business to protect it every way you can, so NSSF members receive a 15-percent discount when working with our affinity partner in this endeavor. It’s just one more way we help promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.

Go to to learn more about becoming a member.

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