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July 2, 2024

AI’s Invaluable Benefits for Firearm Ranges and Retailers

By Laurie Lee Dovey

Step into the future. Maximize your time. Bolster your marketing and messaging. Create content, written and video, for pennies. Increase your staff’s time and output. Step into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Skeptical about AI and how it might grow your business? Then get to Kathleen Owen’s session, “A Practical Guide to Using AI Tools for Everyday Marketing, Sales and Content Creation for your Range and Retail Store,” on July 11, 2024, at 9:15 a.m., at NSSF’s Range-Retailer Business Expo. Your eyes will be opened wide.

Kathleen Owens - Range-Retailer Business Expo

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Owen is an engaging and exciting sales and marketing executive. She’s the VP of Revenue at Bravo Store Systems, and she and her team use AI daily to further Bravo’s business. She’ll walk you through an introduction to AI and how it can help you generate revenue-driving content in minutes and for little cost.

Why You Should Embrace AI

“If I told you that you could hire a valuable employee for $0.00 or just $20 a month, you’d jump on my offer, right?” asks Owen. “That’s what AI can bring to the table. It’s like having an assistant to help you develop marketing, educational, testimonial and product content in minutes, not hours or weeks, and do so on a next-to-nothing budget.”

Owen is not talking about replacing employees. Her session is about maximizing every hour of your day. As small business owners, you’re overwhelmed. Often, you’re the janitor, salesperson and owner. If you can get more out of every hour, you can put hours back into your timebank to spend moving certain projects and tasks along that you keep kicking down the road. The same is true for your team members. Everyone can streamline efforts, be more productive, and enjoy tremendous benefits using AI, which benefits your business.

“The why behind getting into AI is going to be very evident when attendees see how to use it and the breadth of output they can use for marketing, education, product promotion, connecting with customers, garnering testimonials, telling the company story and much more,” Owen adds.

“If you’re not at least exploring AI, your business is losing. You’re not being as efficient as you could, and you’re not producing the volume or quality of output that you could.”

What you’ll Learn in the Session

During the session, Owen will address your questions and concerns. You’ll be invigorated by, interested in, and empowered by the platforms she will review. You’ll walk away with:

  1. Information on at least six free or very low-cost AI programs that can be used for everything from blogs, promotions and video creation to building a marketing strategy, researching business practices or content subjects and more.
  2. Tips on how to use the platforms so they are effective for your business and needs.
  3. Guidelines on how to query AI to make it produce the type of output that you need.
  4. A clear understanding of the breadth of things you can do with just a few free or low-cost programs.
  5. Instructions on how to work with AI in a way that it won’t kick your content requests due to your connection to the firearm industry.

Overcome the Learning Curve and Benefit

Beyond skepticism, the AI learning curve is another factor of concern for many. Fear not. The AI platforms Owen will talk about are as intuitive as an iPhone. You don’t need to read manuals or sit through instructional videos to get started. And, like a cell phone, you don’t have to know about or use every feature to use it effectively and beneficially.

Using Owen’s tips, you can open the platforms and start producing. You can have a blog post written in two minutes. After creation, all that’s left to do is read through the content and adjust it to fit your needs.

“You won’t believe some of the video platforms we’re going to talk about either,” Owen adds. “Forget cameras, film crews and hours of video editing. I’ll show you how to garner customer testimonials in minutes and how to automatically turn a 10-minute video into five shorts instantly. From one video, you can create multiple shorts for uses on social media, your website and more.”

Beyond attending her session, Owen invites you to drop by Bravo Store Systems booth at the EXPO and discuss your needs or concerns.

The Value of the Expo

“My three years as an Expo attendee have been amazing,” Owen says. “The Expo is a much more intimate show than SHOT, which has allowed us to have more meaningful conversations with people. It allows retailers to check out what’s new from software to services and products. Retailers also are well served any time they can interact with one another.

“In addition, when I consider the educational programs offered, it’s apparent attendees will learn solid and practical, actions they can take to address roadblocks or challenges in their businesses. They’ll garner new ideas on how to grow and compete as well as stay abreast of what is going on with compliance, which all retailers know can be a nightmare.”

AI isn’t the future. It’s now. It’s one of the most powerful tools in your retailer toolbox. If you’re not using it, you’re falling behind. Don’t bypass this opportunity to learn, in just 45-minutes, how you can maximize your marketing and messaging, create content for pennies and increase staff time and output. Take the step into the world of AI.

Register for the EXPO today and shift your company into high gear.


About the Author
Laurie Lee Dovey is an award-winning writer and photographer, media consultant and owner of LLD INK, Also find her on Facebook and LinkedIn @lldovey.


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