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Recent FBI & ATF Developments and Compliance Strategies Review

WEBINAR: Review of FBI & ATF Developments and Compliance Strategies RecapRetired ATF officials Judy LeDoux and Wally Nelson, who now serve as NSSF Compliance Consultants, provide an insightful recap of the compliance education that immediately followed the 2024 Range-Retailer Business Expo.

This session includes tips that were shared around creating a culture of compliance to help FFLs avoid revocation, lessons learned during the Looking Ahead – Exploring Compliance and Upcoming Rules panel discussion and an in-depth talk on Compliance Strategies to Help Protect and Grow Your Business; where they will cover strategies and tactics to incorporate into your daily routine.

To conclude this webinar, Judy and Wally cover the recent FBI and ATF developments that will affect many FFLs, including updates on FFLs’ ability to access the NCIC stolen gun index and changes to the Demand 3 Program in the Southwest Border states.

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