ATF Q&A: Operations

I would like some clarification concerning employee eligibility/background checks.  There seems to be a lot of gray area in the regulations specifically, Section 478.32, concerning whom we can hire. We always do background checks (always post-offer, in accordance with the law) and always operate with a great deal of caution, but we dont want to be overly exclusive of people with pasts. Clarification of specific rulings, examples and such from the ATF would be helpful.

As a Federal Firearms Licensee, what is my responsibility to respond to a request to trace a firearm?

Typically, who are categorized as nonimmigrant aliens?

I have a firearm hanging on the wall of my office, which adjoins the sales floor of my store. It is of sentimental value, and thats why I have it hanging there. It is listed in the A&D book and on the computer, though it is not for sale. At our last inspection, it was counted as part of the inventory, and no comments were made. Another dealer was told that any firearm on the premise must have a sales tag on it. What is the official ruling?

I've reported a lost firearm. I've done all the necessary paperwork and notifications. Now, I've found the firearm. What is my course of action?

Do my range employees require HAZWOPER training if they are to respond to lead spills or for general job performance?

Is an explosion proof vacuum a suggestion or requirement on the range? We currently use a Minuteman lead hepa filter vacuum.

Is the Gilian BDX -II asbestos and lead monitoring device sufficient for our air monitoring program?

Are there any PPE requirements for filter changes that require you to enter the HVAC system, when air monitoring falls below the Action Level and PEL?

How often is personal airborne lead dust exposure monitoring required?

Does OSHA have authority over private clubs that do not have employees?

Can a fish and game club utilize members to clean the indoor/outdoor ranges?

Can blood lead levels be testing and monitored via a local doctors office OR does it have to be done at a certain site?

In general, does ATF normally give notice of an inspection or are most of them by surprise?

Does a CCW Permit need to be verified on the State sight to make sure that its still valid and not suspended?

When does the ATF's Final Rule, definition of "Engaged in Business" go into effect?