ATF Q&A: Firearms Transactions

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A customer leaves a firearm for repair. When it is ready, he is unable to pick it up, but he does want it for a hunt the next day. So he sends an adult (over 21) family member to pick it up. May I issue it to that person, and if so, do we have to complete a 4473?

I have homes in two states and reside in one state in the winter and the other state in the summer. Can I purchase handguns in both states?

May non-immigrant aliens purchase firearms in the United States?

As a part of any FFL-to-FFL transfer, should I be using the ATF FFL eZ check website to verify the other person's FFL?

What documentation must a member of the military on active duty present to an FFL to purchase a handgun from that FFL?

Does ATF consider a family member picking up a pawned firearm for another family member a straw purchase?

Can a licensee return a consigned firearm to a family member of the person who originally consigned the firearm if that person was a prohibited individual?

Can a licensed FFL, while in another state, purchase legally owned handguns and/or long guns from any individual and/or company?

My state has a concealed carry permit. Are there any special compliance considerations to take into account when selling a handgun to a person who is permitted to carry a concealed firearm?

If a Federal Firearms Licensed-retailer, while exhibiting at a gun show within that FFL's own state, is doing NICS checks for firearms being sold at the show by unlicensed sellers to other persons, can the licensed FFL holder just do the NICS check without logging the firearms in his books? Or must the FFL log the firearms in his books after doing the NICS check and "releasing" the firearm to the buyer?

Is it unlawful to sell a Saiga rifle that comes with a 10-round magazine and includes a larger-capacity magazine with the sale in a state where such a magazine is legal?

I operate a firearms retail business in a very small town, where everybody knows everybody else, and I know all of the members of our police department very well. a member of that department comes in to buy a firearm for official use, but he does not have a letter of authorization. Considering I know him so well, do I have to do a NICS background check?

Is a United States-issued passport a valid form of identification for a firearms purchaser to provide to an FFL?

A customer filled out a form 4473 on a shotgun. The NICS background check reply was delayed, but the following day NICS approved the purchase. The customer could not get back to my store during open hours, however, so he sent his wife to pick it up. May I transfer the shotgun to her?

Is a NICS background check valid for 30 days from when the check was initiated, or from when a "proceed" is issued?

A person whom I've known very well for years no longer drives and does not have a valid drivers license. He uses his Social Security card for his official ID, for he no longer has government-issued photo identification. Can I sell him a firearm with only his Social Security card for identification?

Can a licensee transfer a firearm to an individual who answered yes to a prohibitive question in Block 11 of the ATF F 4473, even if the individual passes a NICS check?

Upon the transfer of a gun to a resident in another state, I have to ship the firearm to a licensed dealer in that state. When completing the transfer, should the Acquisition and Disposition book have the customers name in it or the dealer to whom I sent it?

I have an elderly customer who cannot leave his home. I have a gun in my store that he wants to buy. Can I go to his house, have the Form 4473 completed, call for a background check and deliver the gun to him, providing that all the background checks clear?

A licensee special-orders a firearm for a customer. The firearm arrives at the store on Monday afternoon, and the customer picks it up on Monday night. Can the licensee wait until the following business day to enter the firearm in his/her acquisition and disposition book?

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