Safety, Awareness and Industry Growth

Leading Industry Growth Through Knowledge and Advocacy

Industry growth will happen only when we become the champions of our own cause. NSSF is committed to providing the tools to be that voice, with powerful initiatives and programs that stress the importance of safe and responsible ownership, while promoting the inclusiveness, safety and enjoyment of hunting and the shooting sports. These resources work to elevate the knowledge and skills of industry professionals, who are then empowered to serve as advocates to the firearm-buying consumer and the public at large. In doing so, our industry becomes a trusted community partner, fostering continuous growth through the introduction of hunting and the shooting sports to newcomers.

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Industry growth through recruitment, advocacy and leadership.

Safety Programs

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  • NSSF offers unparalleled access to the people, resources and information to succeed in today’s challenging climate.

  • NSSF membership supports a wide variety of initiatives aimed at creating and retaining hunters and target shooters including the First Shots® program and the +ONE Movement initiative.

  • NSSF relentlessly advocated for the right to safe and responsible ownership of any firearm which keeps you open for business. Our legislative team works on the federal and state level to look out for your best interests.

  • NSSF compiles reliable industry research and analysis, so members can make smarter, more informed management decisions.

  • NSSF promotes safe and responsible ownership through our flagship safety program, Project ChildSafe®, plus Don’t Lie for the Other Guy™, FixNICS®, Operation Secure Store® and suicide prevention partnerships.

  • NSSF has a huge library of compliance resources for its members including ATF compliance consultations from industry pros, printed guides, webinars and videos.

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Connecting a Community with a Shared Vision and Uncompromising Values

The NSSF connects you to the leaders in hunting and the shooting sports to help ensure a strong future for the cultures, communities, and industries we value. Our programs and experiences emphasize the importance of thinking differently and the value of effective recruitment of the next generation into the sport and culture we believe in.
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