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04/17/2023Watch at SHOT University™ Online

UPS Best Practices Shipping Firearms & Ammo

This compliance webinar, “UPS Best Practices for Firearm Products and Ammunition Shipments,” was held on April 17, 2023.

WEBINAR: UPS Best Practices for Firearm Products and Ammunition ShipmentsThis webinar provides attendees with a basic understanding of UPS’s firearm products and ammunition shipping requirements. UPS Public Affairs Vice President, Jessica Lowrance and Corporate Compliance and Ethics Director, Brian Arnold review best practices for firearm products and ammunition shipments, including how to open a UPS firearm products account, prepare and induct firearm products shipments for UPS delivery and work with customers to ensure the safe return of firearm products for warranty or repair. UPS also provides information on shipping ammunition within its network.

Watch at SHOT University Online


Jessica Lowrance
Public Affairs Vice President @UPS
Jessica Lowrance oversees all policy work on regulated/dangerous goods, domestic postal issues, and The UPS Store. Jessica works closely with industry stakeholders, including Members of Congress, to understand and educate how changes to regulations and laws impact UPS and our customers.

Brian Arnold
Corporate Compliance and Ethics Director @UPS
Brian Arnold oversees implementation and compliance of government regulations and laws of all regulated/dangerous goods shipped within the UPS Network. Brian works with customers and industry stakeholders to educate and ensure compliant shipments.

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