Star Rating – How It Works

How the NSSF Star-Rating Program Works

There are four categories in the NSSF Star Rating System for indoor range and retail businesses: Appearance, Management, Shooting Sports Development and Amenities. Each category is divided into several sections that group related scoring criteria.

The first thing you should do when working with each section is to read the scoring criteria. Scoring is based on a 5, 3 or 0 rating. A 5 will mean your current facility meets the highest requirements for that particular item within that section. A 3 means you fall short of 5 Star standards but you do meet part of the criteria. If your business does not meet the criteria at all, give yourself a 0.

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In order to validate your scores, you must supply us with additional support information. The additional information required is listed next to the items within each section. There is also a Supporting Documentation Checklist in the back of rating form. Make sure to use this as a reference so that you supply all supporting information on the flash drive that’s provided to you within your application package.

In determining your facility rating, add up the earned points in each section and write the sum in the shaded box at the bottom of each respective section. The section scores will then be added up to determine your score for the category, then all category scores will be tabulated into a final total. From there you’ll compare your scores with the star rating score requirements on the last page of the evaluation and determine where your facility stands.

Rating Review Process

The star rating review process will be spearheaded by NSSF’s Manager of Shooting Promotions, Zach Snow, who will work with a review panel comprised of members of the NSSF Range Advisory Council (additional NSSF staff may also be asked to participate in a facility review as warranted). Compile the evaluation responses into a formal submission packet so that NSSF’s assessment can be completed in a way that leaves as few questions as possible from the review panel. This is one case where more information is better than less, for a detailed submission package can go a long way toward demonstrating your commitment to a higher star rating.

Once your self-evaluation and supporting documentation are complete, please contact Zach Snow at, telephone 203-426-1320 ext. 224, or mail your submission package to his attention at NSSF, 11 Mile Hill Rd, Newtown, CT 06470-2359. Please give the review panel at least 30 days to evaluate your application and its supporting documentation provided.