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Firearm Retailer’s Guide to Store Security & State-Mandated Standards

WEBINAR: Firearm Retailer’s Guide to Store Security & State-Mandated StandardsFirearm retailers have experienced an uptick in smash-and-grab burglaries nationwide in recent years. As a result, California has enacted laws mandating minimum security standards that other states are now adopting. Are your current security measures sufficient to meet these new minimum requirements? A comprehensive action plan can reduce your risk of theft and loss and help make your community safer.

In this webinar, NSSF Compliance Team members Bill Napier and Renee Lewis help FFLs navigate the growing landscape of state-mandated security minimums, develop a complete action plan to reduce your business’ risk of burglary, theft and loss, and implement an accessory sales strategy that advances community safety through products and resources designed to help customers keep their firearms secure from unauthorized access.

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