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All Things CA DOJ Compliance

This FREE webinar, “All Things CA DOJ Compliance,” was held on August 16, 2023.

The California Department of Justice (CA DOJ) can impose hefty fines per violation identified during a compliance inspection of a licensed California firearm dealer. In fact, every time you submit an incorrect electronic firearm application (DROS) via the DROS Entry System (DES), it could end up costing you between $1,000 – $15,000+ in fines. On top of that, there are violations that can get your license revoked or worse. In this presentation, you’ll learn the most common violations and how to take action before being fined, revoked or even arrested. Topics covered include:

  • Inspection Authority
  • Tips for a Successful Inspection
  • Certificate of Eligibility and Centralized List
  • 3 Most Common Violations
  • Digital Card Reader
  • Prohibited Storage Procedure
  • Closing Conference & Violation Corrections
  • Questions and Answers
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