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December 6, 2021

Free Webinar Series: 2021 Firearm Retailer/Range Compliance Education

Education is key to helping your company improve operations, public safety, and the firearm industry’s overall health. For this reason, NSSF® and Mastercard® have partnered to offer this FREE in-depth industry compliance training and insights for businesses operating within the firearms industry. Currently available are 11 recorded sessions that focus on topics central to our industry including ATF and OSHA compliance, suicide prevention, store security, liability insurance and more.

(Watch the series in this playlist or scroll down.)

The 2022 Series is now in Session!


Cyber Liability in an Evolving World
Monday, April 25, 2022

In 2022, NSSF will continue to provide firearm industry businesses with in-depth compliance education through a renewed monthly, live webinar series, the 2022 Firearm Industry Compliance Education Series. Visit to see what’s coming up next.

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Join us for future live webinars featuring industry compliance training and insights covering topics from ATF inspection preparedness, Straw Purchase awareness training, improving store security, OSHA lead & noise compliance and more.

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Are you looking for more education opportunities? Consider NSSF’s SHOT University Online, a one-stop e-learning platform for firearms retailers and ranges. On-demand and free for NSSF members, this library of interactive online courses provides a deep dive on critical topics ranging from compliance and regulatory issues to operational guidance and business improvement for both business owners and employees.

Learn more about SHOT University Online

Webinars You May Have Missed…

Webinar 1: What to expect during an ATF Inspection and how to be prepared

Webinar 2: Straw Purchase Awareness Training for your FFL Team

Webinar 3: Form 4473 and Acquisition/Disposition Compliance

Webinar 4: California Department of Justice FFL Inspection Preparation

Webinar 5: Have a Brave Conversation: A Discussion on Suicide and Suicide Prevention with NSSF and AFSP

Webinar 6: NFA Compliance

Webinar 7: Lead and Noise OSHA Compliance

Webinar 8: Firearm Industry Insurance Review

Webinar 9: Operation Secure Store® and PCI Compliance

Webinar 10: A Review of Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Webinar 11: Are you Prepared for President Biden’s “Zero Tolerance Policy”?

View this session’s presentation slides here.

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