President Adds to List of Gun Lies, Threats in Gun Control Push

[…] president likes to say, “I’m not joking.” His latest claim was yet another attempt to malign and villainize MSRs. “Do you realize the bullet out of an AR-15 travels five times as rapidly as a bullet shot out of any other gun?” President Biden asked of the crowd in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Not true. First, […]

Winchester Ammunition Study Shows Target Shooters, Hunters Choose MSRs

The time has come for President Joe Biden and the rest of the gun control politicians to pack up the worn-out line that “no one needs an AR-15 to hunt deer.” Turns out, recreational target shooters and hunters do want Modern Sporting Rifles (MSRs). That’s the family of AR-platform rifles that come in many […]

President Biden Really Doesn’t Like Ammunition

[…] sales to civilians from the Lake City, Mo., facility are on the chopping block. That would potentially choke off over 30 percent of the ammunition used on AR-15 style rifles by law-abiding citizens. It would also risk the jobs of up to 500 employees and the Defense Department’s ability to surge ammunition production during […]

Show Off Your MSR Hunting Photos to be Entered for Hunting Trip

[…] There are many photo styles that can be submitted including selfies, trophy photos, group photos and firearms in the field. MSRs are semiautomatic rifle designs, including the AR-15, AR-10, carbines and similar variants. We challenge you to share a snapshot or video from the field while using your MSR for a chance to win […]

Americans Have Something to Say That President Biden Won’t Like to Hear

[…] Crime Report shows more intentional murders are committed by criminals using knives, fists and blunt objects than by rifles of any kind, not just MSRs like the AR-15. Definition Confusion Increasingly larger numbers of law-abiding Americans are learning about what an MSR is and how they operate. It’s the same semiautomatic, one-trigger-pull-one-fire technology that’s […]

NSSF Challenges Illinois’ Unconstitutional Gun and Magazine Ban

[…] commercial market in 1903. Detachable box magazines were first introduced with the Jarre harmonica pistol of 1862 and later saw commercial success with Mauser in 1896. The AR-15 was first designed by Eugene Stoner for ArmaLite, Inc., and introduced to the commercial market by Colt Manufacturing in 1963. Since then, the AR-15 Modern Sporting […]

By the Numbers… Why President Biden is Wrong on His Repeated Gun Ban Calls

President Joe Biden is, again, telling his donor class that he’s committed to violating his oath of office and will continue to seek to ban AR-15s – or Modern Sporting Rifles (MSRs). It’s not the first time, but he continues to show his ignorance of firearms in general and contempt for the rights protected […]

Oakland’s Crime Prevention Proposal Earns ‘Bee’ Sting

[…] and just announce your stabbing with one quick blast on an air horn.” Babylon Bee followed up with another joking post, “Colt Releases New Airhorn Modification For AR-15.” The site added, “The new AR attachment features 8 ounces of tactical compressed air and a tactical horn capable of unleashing up to 129 decibels of […]

U.S. House Gun Control Hearings Reveal the Farce

[…] congressman was deferential in his questioning. “Chairman Nadler – I don’t want to put you on the spot but do you know what the ‘AR’ in ‘ AR-15’ stands for?” “It stands for ‘assault rifle,’” the New York Democrat responded. “That’s not it…Mr. Massie, do you know what it stands for?” Rep. Reschenthaler asked, […]

President Biden’s Fantasy Gun Control Agenda

[…] problem is – it’s all malarky. No kidding, man. President Joe Biden might just be the lying dog-face pony soldier he accuses others of being. F-16s and AR-15s The president belittled Americans who agree that the Second Amendment exists to prevent a tyrannical government from usurping power from the people. “You know, I love […]

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