ATF Q&A: A & D Records

I have received a firearm on trade. It was made before 1968 and has no serial number. I must note the physical markings on the firearm in my records. What do I do in this case?

I started keeping my records of acquisition and disposition on loose sheets of paper. Can I three-hole punch the sheets and put them in a binder or get them spiral-bound and satisfy the bound book requirement?

What information should be placed in the A&D Record with respect to the heading "Manufacturer and/or Importer"?

What importer should be entered into the A&D book when the foreign manufacturer and the importer have the same company name?

What information should be entered into the A&D records in regards to the heading "Type" under "Description of Firearm."

If I have 2 separate FFLs at the same address, should I keep the inventory separate and use separate Acquisition and Disposition Records?