Consumer Segmentation Report

Consumer Segmentation of U.S. Firearm Owners and Potential First-Time Buyers

NSSF has been conducting industry research for more than ten years. By listening to our member requests we have conducted research on several topics such as:

  • First-time gun buyers
  • Women guns owners
  • Hispanic market study
  • Path to participation in hunting and target shooting
  • The Economic Impact from hunting and target shooting
  • Participation in hunting and target shooting
  • Industry indicators such as: NICS, Excise tax, Firearm production, Imports and exports.

Our latest effort, again at the request of membership, has been to identify what the main types of gun owners are and develop profiles of each segment based on their wants and needs.

NSSF’s research partner for this project, Southwick Associates, has developed an in-depth 150-page report that expands the definitions and profiles of the eight main segments of gun owners. NSSF members receive 15% off this report as well as any custom segmentation work performed by Southwick Associates so be sure to mention you NSSF membership status to them.

More information can be found here.