First Shots Second Round

What is Second Round?

Second Round is the next step for that former First Shots participant or new shooter who wants to try something different in the shooting sports. Whether it be introducing this new shooter to the competitive shootings sports including IDPA, USPSA, Steel Challenge, 3-Gun or any of the other competitions available to just teaching them additional skills to be safe, have fun and to continue coming to your range to train.

The ideas for Second Round are endless. Each range is different with its own ideas and methods of promoting a skill. Second Round is a way for ranges to try different things and if they work, that idea can be shared with other ranges.

The goal is to keep the interest of new shooters high so we can continue to grow the shooting sports and support for our rights as shooters, hunters and gun enthusiasts.

First Shots: Second Round Mission

To promote safe and responsible firearms use and ownership beyond introductory seminars by increasing the awareness of participants of other shooting sports activities with a hands-on activity, delivered by and at NSSF partner ranges.


Second Round Reference Guide

If you would like to host a Second Round event, contact us and indicate what type of Second Round event you will be hosting. Fill out the post survey report and let us know if your event would be something other ranges could duplicate and we will include it on the website and give you credit for the idea.