Shooting Range Development Startup Kit

Shooting Range Development Startup Kit

NSSF’s go-to resource for those developing new firearms ranges or expanding existing footprints.

Success in the firearms range business starts with a well-thought-out plan that takes into consideration all factors key to the scope of your project. To help ensure the vision for your new range or range expansion is viable and the plan to bring it to fruition is sound, NSSF has developed a comprehensive Startup toolkit of resources, research and consulting assistance.

The Startup Kit includes:

Ordered individually, these products and services cost more than $4,000. But order the Startup Kit at NSSF member’s cost of $1,950, and you’ll realize more than $2,000 in savings.

How the Market Viability Consultation Service Works:

Upon the completion of your NSSF Customized Market Report, which details dozens of consumer demographics relevant to your planned range location and an analysis of area competitors, our partner in this Startup Kit, NexGen Range Consulting, will provide you with a report tailored to your needs that includes:

  • Conducting a basic demographic analysis of existing markets and competitors
  • Review of your Customized Market Report for potential niche opportunities
  • Financial feasibility analysis of your development project, inclusive of costs and equipment expenses, based on your bids and our estimates
  • Projection of retail inventory investment based on our internal analysis
  • A high-level, estimated project budget and projected payback period
  • Project scope summary report including:
    • Recommendations for project’s profit centers
    • Facility size and key components (range, retail, training, memberships, lounge, event centers, classrooms, etc.)
    • Potential niche opportunities in the endemic market
    • Conference call consulting assistance to address your questions (three hours included)

All documents produced for your range project in the NSSF Startup Kit are custom created specific to each NSSF member’s project and will be delivered 35 to 45 days from initial engagement (depending on your call availability, production of the Customized Market Report and project specifics).

For more information, contact Zach Snow at NSSF at [email protected] or 203-426-1320 ext 224.