Lead Management & OSHA Compliance Workshop

Join Us December 11-13 in Salt Lake City

As a shooting range owner or operator, you and your business are exposed to a number of liabilities. In order to avoid the risks associated with these liabilities, it’s crucial that you and your staff are educated, prepared and proactive when it comes to effectively managing your business from a health and environmental standpoint. Failure to comply with the regulations applicable to your range business exposes you to significant fines and penalties, cleanup costs and potential criminal prosecution. All of this can potentially put you out of business. If you are looking to ensure that your business practices are in regulatory compliance while determining ways to improve your management practices, this workshop is for you.

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Critical Topics Covered

This two-day workshop will address a variety of important topics presented by knowledgeable experts, including:
* Tools to stay OSHA Compliant
* Reducing Filtration Expense and Proper Filtration Disposal
* Elements of Management Safety and Health Plan
* OSHA Enforcement and Penalty Structure
* Responding to OSHA Enforcement
* Medical Surveillance and OSHA Record Keeping
* Hazard Communication
* Best Management Practices for OSHA Compliance
* Environmental Risks, Laws and Regulations Applicable to Shooting Ranges

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