America’s Not Buying the Gun Control President Biden, Democrats Are Selling

Those hawking gun control like an infomercial pitchman can’t understand why no one wants what they’re selling. It’s like snake oil. From President Joe Biden to Congressional Democrats, they claim it will cure everything from freckles to skyrocketing crime rates. What they’re really trying to sell is the failed ideas in a recycled glass […]

Twenty-Seven Words Protect Gun Rights, Not Hunting

U.S. Sen Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) joined Everytown for Gun Safety’s vice presidential webinar forum where she trotted out her yarn about gun laws and Uncle Dick in the deer stand. It’s time we get Uncle Dick down from there. First of all, deer season has been over for months; now, he’s just poaching. Second […]

Gun Control’s Unholy Union with Hollywood is Too Rich

Gun control groups are recruiting Hollywood elites to sell the reasons why more gun control is necessary. Never mind these same Tinseltowners live within gated, secure neighborhoods and often pay for private security details whenever they feel like it. They haven’t learned the lessons that nothing is more off-putting than Hollywood hypocrisy, so they’re […]

South Carolina Debate Lacks Facts on Gun Control

[…] criminal misuse of firearms. However, the candidates’ platforms included wildly false statements, tired scare language and egregiously wrong facts. Unfortunately for the American people, the debate offered gun control platitudes, not serious answers voters deserve. Biden Targets Manufacturers Former Vice President Joe Biden, desperate to make South Carolina his vaunted firewall, used firearms as […]

Biden Administration Getting Gun Control Band Back Together

President Joe Biden is making good on one part of his “unity” pledge. He’s getting the band back together to sing to America why he wants more gun control. The problem is he’s out of tune with America. That’s just the first problem. There’s a whole lot more that’s off key. The Band President […]

Gun Control’s Godfather Is In

Michael Bloomberg made it official. Gun control godfather, financier of several anti-gun groups, is throwing his billions in to buy his way to the White House and forcing his radical anti-gun agenda on America. It might have been the worst-kept secret in the history of presidential runs. The former New York city mayor has […]

Former Senator Says ‘Women Sick of All These Guns.’ Women Say Otherwise

[…] about the violence erupting in America’s communities, including Kenosha, Wisconsin, Portland, Oregon and her home-state St. Louis, Missouri, Sen. McCaskill opined women are “sick of all these guns.” Data shows she couldn’t be more mistaken. Not So Show-Me Senator Missouri is a state with strong Second Amendment approval and Sen. McCaskill tried to hide […]

NY Gun Control Legislator’s Bill Based on Completely Faulty Premise

The contempt for law-abiding gun owners in the Empire State is so strong with gun control Democratic state senators that they’ve passed a first-in-the-nation antigun law based completely on a false premise. The facts don’t matter and instead it’s full steam ahead. Brooklyn Democratic state Sen. Zellnor Myrie could’ve learned from the bruising President […]

McAuliffe’s Virginia Gun Control Plan: Public Health Crisis

[…] a crisis every time. McAuliffe has decided that Virginia has a public health crisis when it comes to criminal violence. For him and the rest of Virginia’s gun control politicians, there’s never a problem with rising crime, lack of police resources or willingness to actually prosecute criminals. McAuliffe is proving that gun control politicians […]

Sen. Sanders’ Cluelessness, Ignorance and Disregard for Gun Laws is Frightening

Presidential contender U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders is either straight out lying, ignorant or seriously uninformed about gun laws in the United States. None of these is a viable qualification to set policy on America’s right to keep and bear arms. Sen. Sanders (I-Vt.) answered questions at a CNN town hall event just prior to […]

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