Diversity in Gun Ownership Nothing New to Firearm Industry

Throw out the stereotypes on American gun ownership. They’re just wrong. Against the backdrop of historically high firearm sales, one major theme is shattering misconceptions that America’s gun owners are “old white men.” A surge in gun buyers across the country in 2020, more than 2.5 million since March alone, has boosted the diversity […]

The Only Thing Stopping Gun Control is You

Democrats have just one obstacle when it comes to achieving their vaunted gun control utopia. It’s you – the completely irrational, rights-demanding, unreasonable and uncompromising American. You “selfish” gun owners. You are the unbending firearm makers and gun buyers. You are what is stopping gun control in America. That’s what the parade of Democratic […]

Survey Says: President Biden, Antigun Democrats Off on Gun Control Support

There’s a family feud within the Democratic party aimed at pushing more gun control on Americans who’re buying firearms at a record pace, and what they actually want. President Joe Biden, gun control groups like Everytown for Gun Safety and Giffords and Congressional antigun Democrats are jamming through more restrictive policies. Public polling paints […]

Class in Session: Gun Owners Demonstrate Why Chipman’s Contempt is Disqualifying

First-time gun owners are making it loud and clear. They won’t sit around and wait to be a criminal’s victim. That’s not all they’re doing. New gun owners are filling up gun ranges and classrooms to learn to use their firearms. It’s a rebuke of David Chipman’s portrayal of them. Chipman, of course, is […]

Gun Control Madder than Defanged Snakes Over New Owners

[…] of vipers, there’s bound to be some hissing. That’s what happens when the light of truth shines into the darkest corners. That’s what’s happening right now with gun control groups. They’re clamoring about, raising all sorts of noise about how it’s unfair, not right, plain dangerous and irresponsible that government would dare allow for […]

Utah Rep. Owens’ Personal Pushback Against Gun Control Resonates

U.S. Rep. Burgess Owens (R-Utah) took to the floor of the House of Representatives with a reminder to the politicians pushing gun control. Those proposals have their roots in a racist past and it only serves to further victimize disaffected communities. In 2020, African Americans led the historic gun-buying surge, taking self-protection into their […]

Washington Lawmakers Only Interested in Gun Control for Law Abiding

[…] show little interest in pursuing criminals in the CHAZ as Hip-Hop artist and activist “Raz the Warlord” illegally hands out AR-15s. The crisis in Seattle is revealing gun control politicians are only interested in enforcing gun laws on the law abiding. When it comes to actual criminals, they’ve abandoned their citizens. Video surfaced of […]

Northeast Governors’ Doozy Gun Data Announcement Actually a Dud

Four northeast Democratic governors announced they will start sharing gun crime data to begin a new cooperative effort to combat “gun violence.” The video press conference drew less than 190 live viewers but media coverage afterwards was fawning and gave the governors exactly what they wanted – a quick and fleeting splash. The governors […]

Judge Amy Coney Barrett Sticks to Her Guns in Confirmation Hearing

[…] apologize during her nomination hearings. She won’t apologize for her keen intellect, her dedication to originalist interpretation of the law and she won’t apologize for being a gun owner. Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) quickly got to the point on gun rights. “Okay. So when it comes to your personal views about this […]

NY State Bar Association: ‘More Gun Laws!’ While NYC Crime Reveals Truth

[…] Bar Association shows why that humor has legs. This year has seen record-smashing firearm sales so far, with still nearly two months remaining. Data have shown increasing gun owner diversity, including an estimated almost 7 million first-time buyers. NYSBA’s “consensus” and “collaborative” report ignores the overwhelming reason people are buying guns. They’re concerned for […]

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