Media Membership Application

Media Membership Application

  • Media membership shall be in the name of and belong to the applicant who meets the stated criteria for NSSF Media Membership. Media membership is not transferable to third parties, including a company or organization that the applicant may own or by which the applicant may be employed. Approval of media membership is at the sole discretion of NSSF. View our terms and conditions

    NSSF Media Membership is for members of the press affiliated with a bona fide industry-related news outlet. Members of the press must meet or provide specific criteria (listed below) to have their NSSF Media Membership approved.

    Documents, such as a membership card from a bona outdoor media association, can be emailed to the member Services Department at as a link or digital file with your application. If you do not have digital versions, fax a copy to Member Services at (203) 426-1087.

    NSSF Media Membership Requirement (at least one of the following)

    • Name listed on latest SHOT Show Alumni Media List.
    • Current individual membership card issued by a bona fide outdoor communicators association, such as the Professional Outdoor Media Association, Outdoor Writers Association of America or other regional or state outdoor communicator association, or
    • Press identification card issued by a bona fide news organization, or
    • Your name listed in an editorial position on a publication’s masthead, or
    • At least two recent bylined stories that indicate you are a staff writer, reporter or regular contributor to an industry-related publication, or a
    • Letter from an editor or publisher of a recognized industry-related news publication that states you are a staff member or regular contributor to that news outlet, or
    • A link to a website or blog dealing with industry-related subjects that includes your real name (no aliases, no exceptions). NSSF will approve or deny credentials to digital media based on the frequency and quality of posts.
  • Applicant Details

  • Please enter your business's default mailing address. This is the address where your business's mail is delivered.
  • Role-based email addresses such as info@, sales@, support@, etc., cannot be used to sign up for NSSF emails.
  • Requirements for NSSF Media Membership - Proof of Eligibility
  • Max. file size: 75 MB.
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