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May 31, 2022

ATF Q&A: Firearms Transactions

I have homes in two states and reside in one state in the winter and the other state in the summer. Can I purchase handguns in both states?

Yes. During the time you reside in State X, you are a resident of that state. When you are residing in State Y, you are a resident of that state. In order to comply with regulations, you must be able to provide a Government-issued photo ID with an address that matches the address you indicate on Form 4473. Supplemental documentation to verify the address can be present, as per Ruling 2001-5. The supplemental document must have been issued by a Government agency, and examples are given in the Ruling as a vehicle registration, a recreation identification card (park district card in which the park district is administered by the city/county government), a fishing or hunting license, a voter identification card, or a [property] tax bill. The document must be valid and current at the time of purchase. This document must have the purchaser’s residence address in that state and be in the purchaser’s name.


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