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July 7, 2017

ATF Q&A: 4473 Forms

What should a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) do when it finds it has lost a completed Form 4473 and a thorough search of the premises fails to locate it?

If you have lost a Form 4473, we recommend the following actions:

If you find that you are missing a single Form 4473, you should conduct a thorough and diligent search of your premises and make a call to the customer to verify that he did not mistakenly take it with him.

If you still cannot locate it, contact your local ATF field office immediately. As best you can, reconstruct the missing Form 4473, identify it as such and attach a statement concerning the loss of the original form. File the form in your normal 4473 files.

In cases where all of your files of Forms 4473 are missing or stolen, you should promptly notify your local ATF field office of the loss or theft and get guidance on record reconstruction.