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Retail & Indoor Range Operating Tactics in the COVID-19 Era

The fact that firearm retailers, ranges and other firearm-related businesses are considered “essential” during the COVID-19 crisis should come as no surprise, but what is surprising is just how much this crisis has impacted day-to-day operations for retailers and ranges around the country.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation® has been hard at work compiling strategies and tactics that retailers and ranges are employing to adhere to federal and state social distancing and hygiene guidelines. Many agree that these practices not only keep your customers and staff safe, but, when properly designed and enforced, will also remove any excuses for your local authorities to impose a forced closure of your business.

Please join us on Monday, April 27, 2020 at 11 a.m. EST for a free LIVE WEBINAR hosted by Paul R. Bastean, the Managing Director of Ultimate Defense Firing Range & Training Center, L.L.C. Paul will be walking us through several of the practices that FFLs are using during the COVID-19 crisis. Here are just a few of the topics he will be discussing before we open the event to a LIVE Q&A to take your questions:

  • Social distancing guidelines for firearm retailers and indoor shooting ranges
  • Continued operations of indoor shooting ranges
  • Handling product and cleaning practices
  • Methods to manage the influx of new buyers and keeping them engaged beyond the crisis

About the Presenter

Paul R Bastean is the Managing Director and Principal Owner of Ultimate Defense Firing Range & Training Center, L.L.C., an NSSF Five Star Rated Range-retail Business located in St. Peters, MO.   He is also the Managing Director of Heritage Estate Services and Firearm’s Appraisals and maintains a commission as Sergeant over the Special Operations Division for the Lake St. Louis Police Department.

Prior to 2010, Paul recognized a severe shortage in quality training in the civilian sector and set in motion the monumental project that became Ultimate Defense Firing Range & Training Center. Through Paul’s leadership and vision, Ultimate Defense has become one of the leading institutes for training in the United States and in 2015, Ultimate Defense was nominated as the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Range of the Year.

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