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NSSF Compliance Consultants “Report from the Field”

This FREE ATF Compliance webinar, “NSSF Compliance Consultants ‘Report from the Field’,” was held on November 6, 2023.

WEBINAR: Graphic image reads: Compliance Webinar - NSSF Compliance Consultants "Report from the Field".The risk of ATF administrative actions, including license revocation, demands proactive measures. This presentation will help you gather valuable insights for maintaining compliance at your firearms business.

Retired ATF Director of Industry Operations Judyth LeDoux and Compliance Expert John ‘JC’ Clark – both NSSF Compliance Consultants, address critical topics impacting Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) while delving into essential topics that every FFL should be aware of.

Key Discussion Topics:

  • Zero Tolerance and the ATF’s “Enhanced Regulatory Enforcement Policy”: Understanding the principles and implications of the Zero Tolerance Policy, also known as the “Enhanced Regulatory Enforcement Policy.” Explore what has changed in the enforcement landscape and how it directly impacts your role as an FFL.
  • Statistics Review: Dive into statistics to gain insights into compliance trends and issues. Learn about “Extraordinary Circumstances” that might affect your compliance standing.
  • The 9 Deadly Sins: Identify the actions that may lead to a notice of revocation from the ATF. Absent extraordinary circumstances, discover the violations that can result in revocation, such as transferring firearms to prohibited persons, failing to conduct background checks, falsifying records, and more.
  • Prior Violations and ATF Administrative Action: Understand what to expect if you have had prior violations or have faced ATF administrative action. Learn how to demonstrate improvement and avoid repeat violations.
  • Preparing for an ATF Firearms Compliance Inspection: Gain insights into what to expect during ATF inspections. Explore preventative actions you can take pre-inspection to help ensure your compliance.
  • Leverage NSSF Programs and Support: Discover the NSSF’s programs designed to support FFLs. Take advantage of your member benefits and ways to access the NSSF’s Compliance Consultant Team for guidance and assistance.
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