COVID-19 News & Alerts

The NSSF is working hard during this national crisis to make sure that our members are allowed to stay in business, providing safety and security for Americans and crucial products for members of the law enforcement and military communities.

This includes an effort to inform the Department of Homeland Security on the essential nature of our firearm and ammunition product manufacturers, retailers, importers, distributors and ranges – all of which should be explicitly listed as part of our nation’s Critical Infrastructure.

General Alerts


On the state front, our team is working in each state and many localities to ensure our industry and the critical role it plays is not hampered by well-intended Executive Orders seeking to stem the spread of the virus. Here is a list of the orders we are actively tracking, and what they mean for our members. Please note this is a rapidly changing list, and that many of the orders are subject to interpretation. If you’re not receiving our alerts, please opt in.

State Alerts


ALABAMA: Alabama Issues “Stay at Home” Order – Firearm Industry Deemed “Essential” (03APR update)
Alabama Allows Most ‘Gun Shops’ to Remain Operational (30MAR oiginal)

ARIZONA: Arizona Designates Firearm & Ammunition Industry as Essential During COVID-19

CALIFORNIA: Culver City, California Considering Resolution Tonight (02APR update)
LA Sheriff Flip Flops, Backs Down Again — Firearm Retailers to Remain Open (31MAR update)
LA Sheriff Closes, Opens then Closes Gun Stores Again (27MAR original)

CONNECTICUT: Firearm Retailers Deemed ‘Essential’ in Conn. Emergency Order

FLORIDA: Update: Florida Governor’s Order Supersedes All Local Orders – Firearm Industry Can Remain Open Throughout Florida (02APR update)
Florida Governor Issues Statewide Order – Firearm Industry Deemed “Essential” (01APR update)
Firearm & Ammunition Retailers Can Remain Open After Florida Gov. Issues Executive Order for South Florida Counties (31MAR update)
Florida Firearm Businesses, Has Your Locality Ordered You to Close? (26MAR original)

GEORGIA: Georgia Governor Issues Statewide Order – Firearm Industry Deemed “Critical Infrastructure” (02APR update)
Georgia Firearm Businesses – Have You Been Ordered to Close? (27MAR original)

INDIANA: Indiana AG Hill Affirms Local Governments May Not Regulate Firearm Industry (02APR update)
Indiana Firearm Industry Remains Open for Business (27MAR original)

KANSAS: Kansas Firearm and Ammunition Industries Deemed “Essential” in Governor’s Order

KENTUCKY: Firearm Industry Labeled “Life-Sustaining” Under New Kentucky Executive Order

LOUISIANA: Support Firearm Industry Protection Legislation in Louisiana (19MAY update)
Louisiana Firearm and Ammunition Suppliers and Retailers Deemed ‘Essential’ During COVID-19 (23MAR original)

MAINE: Firearm Retailers Deemed ‘Essential’ in ME Emergency Order

MARYLAND: NSSF Is Working For You — Maryland’s Emergency Order Affecting Retailers (08APR update)
Maryland Legislators Urge Gov. Hogan to Close Gun Stores (03APR update)
Maryland Firearm Retailers & Ranges Can Remain Open During COVID-19 “Stay at Home” Order (31MAR update)
MSP: The Governor’s Orders Do Not Close Gun Stores (25MAR update)
Maryland Firearm Retailers May Continue Operating During COVID-19 (24MAR original)

MASSACHUSETTS: Massachusetts Ranges Permitted to Re-Open (18MAY update)
Federal Judge: Mass. Gun Stores Must Be Allowed to Open (07APR update)
Massachusetts Governor Opens, Then Closes ‘Essential Critical’ Gun Retail (01APR update)
Firearm Retailers Deemed ‘Essential’ in MA Emergency Order (31MAR original)

MINNESOTA: UPDATE: Outdoor Ranges Now Allowed to Operate in Minnesota (17APR update)
Update: Minn. Shooting Ranges Ordered Closed by Governor Walz (09APR update)
Minnesota Governor Issues “Stay at Home” Order (26MAR original)

MISSISSIPPI: Mississippi Institutes Shelter-in-Place – Firearm & Ammunition Industry Still ‘Essential’ (01APR update)
Mississippi Designates Firearm & Ammunition Industry ‘Essential’ During COVID-19 (26MAR original)

MISSOURI: Missouri DHSS Issues Statewide “Stay-at-Home” Order – Firearm Businesses Deemed “Essential”

NEVADA: NSSF Working to Keep Retailers, Ranges and Manufactures Open in Nevada

NEW HAMPSHIRE: New Hampshire Designates Firearm & Ammunition Industry ‘Essential’ During COVID-19

NEW JERSEY: New Jersey Ranges Permitted to Re-Open

NEW MEXICO: N.M. Governor Relents, Opens Gun Businesses (01MAY update)
New Mexico Governor Orders Closure of All Non-Essential Businesses (24MAR update)
Albuquerque City Council Persuaded to Address Gun Owner Concerns (18MAR original)

NORTH CAROLINA: North Carolina: Has Your Locality Ordered You to Close Your Firearm Business? (08APR update)
N.C. Firearm Retailers May Remain Open Per Governor’s Order (27MAR original)

OKLAHOMA: Oklahoma Governor Issues Statewide Order – Firearm Industry Deemed “Critical Infrastructure”

PENNSYLVANIA: Pennsylvania Governor Amends Executive Order – Firearm Retailers Are Essential and May Remain Open

SOUTH CAROLINA: South Carolina’s Firearm Industry Remains Operational During New “Home or Work” Order (07APR update)
S.C. Update: “Sporting Goods Stores” Can Continue to Sell Firearms & Ammunition (06APR update)
South Carolina Closes More Businesses – Firearm Industry Can Continue Operating (04APR update)
South Carolina Executive Order Allows Firearm Industry to Continue Operating (31MAR original)

TENNESSEE: Tenn. Governor Issues New Order – Firearm Industry Remains ‘Essential’ (02APR update)
Tenn. Designates Firearm & Ammunition Industry ‘Essential’ During COVID-19 (31MAR original)

TEXAS: Texas Governor Issues Statewide Order – Firearm Industry Deemed “Essential” (31MAR update)
Texas Attorney General Rules Cities and Counties May Not Prohibit or Restrict Gun Sales (27MAR update)
Texas City and County “Stay-at-Home” Orders Threaten Firearm Businesses (25MAR original)
Dallas County Amends Order to Classify Firearm-Related Retailers as “Essential”

VIRGINIA: Virginia Ranges Can Re-Open Statewide on Friday, Plus New Face Covering Requirement (27MAY update)
VA Governor Amends Latest COVID-19 Order, Allowing More Localities to Remain Closed (15MAY update)
VA Governor Allows Northern Virginia to Remain Closed (12MAY update)
VA Executive Order Allows Indoor Ranges to Reopen on May 15 (11MAY update)
Virginia Governor Issues Executive Order – Firearm Retailers May Remain Open (24MAR original)

WASHINGTON: Washington State Legislators, Sheriffs Deem Firearm Industry “Essential” (27MAR update)
Washington State Update — NSSF Continues Efforts to Keep FFLs Open (26MAR update)
Washington Governor Closes all Non-Essential Businesses – Local Law Enforcement Begins Shutting Down FFLs (25MAR original)

WEST VIRGINIA: West Virginia Designates Firearm & Ammunition Industry as Essential During COVID-19

COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies

Voluntary ideas to improve the environment of indoor ranges, retail stores and workplaces to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Download PDF

Safe Work Practices for Manufactures and Suppliers During Covid-19

In the world of Covid-19 manufacturer’s and suppliers can be faced with a tremendous amount of decisions regarding continuing safe operations.

Here is guidance from the Original Equipment Suppliers Association and a detailed playbook shared by Lear Corporation that may provide useful information for your consideration.

COVID-19: Changes to Hunting & Fishing Regulations
As states scramble to slow the spread of COVID-19 and enact a wide range of regulations to enforce social distance, many hunters, anglers, and outdoor recreators are left wondering what they’re allowed to do. Updates to regulations and rule changes available from

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