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Battle Born Ammunition & Firearms, Inc

4630 U.S. 50, Carson City, NV, USA

Business Location: Nevada

General Description

Building we believe was built in the 80s/early 90s, total square footage of our leased area is 4100 sq feet. No acreage, additional land may be available elsewhere. 2 miles from the public shooting range. Building is right on the busiest highway in Carson City Nevada, the Capitol City. Plenty of parking, room for an indoor range (just a couple of lanes).

Business Description

Battle Born Ammunition & Firearms, Inc was established in 2013 as an ammunition business in the Capitol City of Nevada, Carson City. Due to the constant demand by our customers, we became a retail store in Jan of 2015 selling firearms, accessories, reloaded ammunition, custom tuned ammunition and quickly became one of the most popular gun stores in the area. In 2018, we moved from a 700 sq foot retail store to a 4,000 sq foot store where we now have a full training room, NFA kiosk, lounge area, retail area and even more space in the back to expand!! Your imagination required!! The area has so many needs that could be addressed here that the sky is the limit. Battle Born Ammo continues to enjoy high ratings on Google, Facebook and Yelp and is THE store in town for families!! Yes, we even have a kid's area and a changing pad (and wipes!) in one of the two bathrooms.

Landlords are amazing, the 5 year original lease expires this year, so plenty of ability to negotiate the next 5.... or 10? Again, the sky is the limit!

Location?? One of the best in town! We are on Highway 50, 2 miles from the local public shooting range and we attract buyers from all our bordering counties! Lyon, Churchill, Storey, Washoe, Douglas and our always welcomed California customers. Did we mention that we rent storage lockers for our 2A friends in California that want to keep some of their guns in a more FREE state? We also have Nevadans that use them as well.

What else is included? Our Carson City Sheriff approved Concealed Carry Firearm Permit curriculum, all training materials for CCW, and we already have a couple of approved instructors willing to stick around, especially for our one of a kind Ladies Only classes. Ladies Only? Yep, instructors and range personnel as well. All Ladies.

Sellers would LOVE to retire, the Owner is experiencing escalating health issues as is her husband.

Assets For Sale / Business Opportunities

Tons of additional opportunities, the current business only uses about half of the space between the retail space and training room. Being in the Capitol of Nevada there are additional opportunities with the State of Nevada and all the local Law Enforcement agencies as far as being an approved vendor for their firearms and accessory needs.

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