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The NSSF and SHOT Show are offering limited-time access to “Best of 2021 SHOT Show On-Demand” – a selection of the top 5 education sessions from both SHOT UniversityTM and SHOT Show Retailer Education Seminars that provide the most relevant, timely and in-depth training for businesses operating within the firearms industry.

Whether you’re a retailer, a range operator, a manufacturer, or an overseas business, now, more of your team members can get access to unparalleled insights into operating successfully within the firearms industry.

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Courses included in this package:

Social Media Censorship

Social Media Masterclass as a Team

You know you need social media to effectively engage your customers and reach those who should be your customers, and you’ve hired the people who understand the jargon, the timing and trends to help this segment of your marketing plan pay off. But, just like every other member of your staff, your social media employees need plans to follow and tools that effectively address both the opportunities and landmines that come with the territory. Our Social Media Masterclass takes a deep dive into content creation, posting management best practices and tactics that work directly to improve your brand recognition. We’ll also cover current and emerging trends in this ever-shifting environment so that your business can keep one step ahead of the competition and set a course for continued growth.

Speaker: Michelle Scheuermann
With more than 20 years’ experience in traditional and digital marketing, communications and public relations, Michelle Scheuermann brings seasoned, strategic expertise to help today’s leading organizations deliver on their communication goals. Via her business, BulletProof Communications, LLC, she helps her clients, through the right mix of tools and strategies, understand the latest trends and technologies in digital and social media to achieve results. A well-known podcaster, lecturer, and founder of a number of popular events and social media initiatives, Scheuremann is also the editor of Archery Wire, a weekly business-to-business newsletter that delivers industry news and advice in the archery and bowhunting space. She has served on the board of directors for multiple nonprofits, actively volunteers with local outdoor-related organizations and sits on the Alumni Board of her alma mater, University of Wisconsin-River Falls.



FFL retailers

Inventory Management Insights for Busy and Slow Times

One thing that doesn’t change in the world of retail “regardless supply and demand” is the need for properly managed inventory. Poorly structured inventory management practices can mean the difference between profits and loss even when business is slow, and it can make or break you when demand is sky high. In this session, we’ll provide tactics you can immediately apply to your business to maximize profits, minimize risk and, most important, keep your customers happy.

Speaker: Hank Yacek
Hank Yacek has held a number of roles during his career of more than 30 years, with positions ranging from sales, management and owning his own retail establishment to now owning an industry consulting firm. Yacek began his career in 1987 in a local shop in Waterbury, Connecticut, staying in firearms industry retail through2004 when he opened his own store in Lexington, Kentucky. He eventually graduated from the retail side of the industry and leveraged his retail expertise while working as director of retail development for a large firearm distributor. Today, Yacek operates Point of Impact Consulting, which is dedicated to working with and growing the firearms industry and promoting success at all levels.



Setting Your Range up for Success with First Time Shooters

In 2020, the firearm industry saw a massive rise in people purchasing their first firearm. The driving forces behind this extraordinary expansion were many the ongoing COVID-19 situation, civil unrest, economic pressures, etc. but regardless the reasons, one truth emerged: There are millions of people who, for the first time, need our industry’s ranges for firearm safety education, skills building and an introduction to the shooting sports. If you’re ready to embrace this new customer base “and claim your share of the profits it brings with it” then you won’t want to miss this session with the professionals from Action Target. They’ll discuss how ranges are developing their staff, curriculums, equipment and services specifically for these first-time gun owners, while upping the entertainment quotient to benefit both long-term clients and new.

Speaker: Aaron Ludwig
Aaron Ludwig is the Action Target Territory Manager/Range Design Consultant for the South-Central United States. Over the course of the past 14 years, Ludwig on has successfully completed more than 200 shooting range design and installations in this geographical area, including more than 100 ranges in the state of Texas alone. Some of his most notable shooting range projects include the police department ranges in Houston, Fort Worth and Austin, the Athena Gun Club, Eagle Gun Club 1 and 2, Southlake Police Department’s range, Frisco Gun Club, Wilshire Gun Club, Shooters World Orlando and The Villages, Ally Outdoors, and The Range at Austin. 

Speaker: Chris Hart
Chris Hart is the Action Target Territory Manager/Range Design Consultant for the Southwest United States. Since joining Action Target in 2005, Hart has completed more than 175 shooting range design and installations in his territory and the Midwest, including the largest commercial indoor range in the country, the first indoor skeet range in the U.S. and many notable law-enforcement indoor ranges for police departments throughout the country. Some of his most notable projects include the range for the Madison Police Department, TNT Shooting Center, Kansas City Police Department’s range, Omaha Police Department’s range, GAT Guns, and STL Sharpshooter. Chris is a lifelong shooter and active competitor in 3-Gun and IDPA competitions, and he serves as Head Rangemaster of Action Target’s own indoor range facility in Provo, Utah.



FFL Retailing Financial Concepts

Consumer Financing: A Buy Now, Pay Later Buying Option in High Demand

Understand how buy-now-pay-later financing options are changing the face of both ecommerce and brick-and-mortar shooting sports businesses. This sessions examines current consumer behaviors and market trends to reveal why retailers should be offering the fastest-growing payment option to boost profits and improve cash flow.

Speaker: Kamron Davis
Kamron Davis is the Vice President of Revenue for Credova Financial, a leading technology based omni-channel consumer financing platform tailored for the shooting sports industry. Kamron is an avid hunter and outdoorsman and is proud to work with a team who brought one of the fastest growing consumer financing options to the shooting sports industry providing fellow enthusiasts a fresh new payment option at participating retailers. Credova Financial as a company is passionate about the outdoors and continues to push the limit with its proprietary platform offering the most cutting-edge technology in the buy now pay later industry.




Insurance and Liabilities Related to PLCAA for Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors, Ranges and Retailers

Insurance for firearm industry manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and ranges have always required coverages that other industries do not. Now, more so than ever, there exists a shifting business landscape and it’s critical our industry businesses understand where liability exists and evaluate the policies and plans that can protect their assets in the challenging times ahead. From the Coronavirus Pandemic to recent talk of repealing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) it seems nothing surrounding liability is for certain, including how, what, when and where one’s business needs to be insured. Presented by Joseph Kavan, Esq., of KutakRock, a legal expert in this field of liability, and Heather Gillingham, Vice President of NFP, a leading property and casualty insurance provider.

Speaker: Heather Gillingham

Speaker: Joseph Kavan
Joseph Kavan is a senior partner with the law firm of Kutak Rock’s Omaha office and the founder and chair of the firm’s National Firearms Practice Group. He possesses a deep expertise in the understanding, analysis and application of the statutes, rules, regulations and interpretations of the National Firearms Act, the Gun Control Act of 1968, the Arms Export Control Act, the International Trafficking in Arms Regulations, NICS regulations and state laws and local ordinances related to firearms dealers, gunsmiths, manufacturers of firearms and ammunitions and firearms importer and exporters. Kavan represents entities involved in the firearms industry in their licensure, regulation, structure, organization, financing and ongoing compliance and regularly interacts with state and federal regulators including the ATF, U.S. State Department and U.S. Department of Commerce, as well as the offices of various states’ attorneys general and local enforcement authorities.



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