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April 10, 2017

You May Be Surprised to Know… Hunters Aid the Environment [INFOGRAPHIC]

With Earth Day approaching and with people thinking more about the health of our planet, NSSF would like to take a moment to recognize hunters, the largest contributors to conservation in the country. Hunters and environmentalists alike fight habitat encroachment and help to conserve the health of our ecosystems. According to the Wildlife & Sport Fish Restoration division of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Agency, hunters are part of the funding cycle that has helped wildlife agencies purchase and maintain over 68 million acres for conservation of species and habitat that also provides space for non-hunting recreational activities.

NSSF invites you to use the “You may be Surprised to know … Hunters Aid the Environment” infographic to share hunters’ positive contributions.

Feel free to share this infographic on social media and post it to your websites. View more NSSF infographics from this series at

Hunters Aid the Environment

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This campaign was created by the NSSF communications team working with intern Daphane Cassidy, an avid hunter and conservationist. Daphane has hunted and volunteered in South Africa, and has represented the U.S. as one of the few American Young Opinion members of The International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation at the most recent “Hunting is Conservation” general assembly in Belgium. Participating in worldwide conservation efforts and seeing the benefits of hunting first-hand, Daphane wants to foster positive understanding and relationships between the hunting and non-hunting public.

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