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November 2, 2011

Wisconsin Residents Eager to Carry Concealed Can Benefit From First Shots Seminars in Madison Area

Wisconsin’s law allowing concealed carry went into effect yesterday, causing more than 80,000 downloads of permit applications, according to a Lacrosse Tribune story, which also noted that the surge underscored “gun enthusiasts’ pent-up frustration over years of waiting for authorization to carry . . . .”

When the legislature passed the law this summer, Wisconsin became the 49th state to allow concealed carry. Illinois is the lone holdout.

In a timely effort to assist residents who are interested in learning about handgun ownership and the permit process, NSSF and Madison-area shooting ranges are co-sponsoring First Shots seminars this Saturday, November 5. Each range has scheduled several free seminars during the day at which residents will learn about local and state regulations and the basics of handgun ownership and safe storage. Under supervision from a certified instructor, attendees also will step up to the firing line to experience the fun of shooting a firearm.

Also this Saturday, NSSF and Chicago-area shooting ranges are sponsoring First Shots seminars for residents who can now exercise their Second Amendment rights following the Supreme Court’s McDonald decision, which reaffirmed that the individual right to keep and bear arms applies to all the states, thereby eliminating the city’s ban on handgun ownership. The Chicago seminars are completely filled and the Madison seminars nearly so.

NSSF’s First Shots program has provided an introduction to firearms to thousands of interested individuals at seminars across the country. Learn more about First Shots.

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