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July 17, 2013

We’ve Added Another Western State to Hunting Works For America Program

Hunting Works For UtahLike most of you, I love hunting for a number of reasons. It’s a pastime that people of all ages can  enjoy. It requires a great deal of skill and patience, and hunting is woven into our American heritage. And it’s a tradition that can be enjoyed alone or with a group of friends and family.

Many of you have likely heard about NSSF’s Hunting Works For America program. It’s a program that we started in 2010 to help educate the public, media and policy makers about the good that hunting does for the economy and conservation. It’s a program that has been warmly received in each state we have launched a chapter, with organizations eager to sign-up and help spread the message that hunting is good for the economy and conservation. This program has been received so well that I’m excited to announce the launch of yet another new Hunting Works For America chapter, this time in Utah. Hunting Works For Utah joins my home state of Pennsylvania, which launched last month, and other existing chapters in Arizona, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri and North Dakota.

The message of Hunting Works For Utah is simple: hunters spend money and lots of it! We plan to educate the public, media and policy makers about the important role hunting plays in the economy of Utah.

Just like in our other states, businesses and organizations have eagerly signed up to become a partner of Hunting Works For Utah. This is because business owners know how important hunters are to their livelihoods and the livelihoods of their communities. I’m not just talking sporting goods stores or your local gun shop owners. I’m talking about gas stations, resorts, hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, repair shops and countless other businesses that know when they see hunter orange they’re going to get a little a hunter green. As hunters, we like to support businesses that support us and our sport. Hunting Works For Utah is one way that hunters and businesses can support each other.

Hunters spend money. In Utah alone, hunters spend about $500 million in trip- and equipment-related expenditures. This spending contributes heavily to Utah’s economy by supporting more than 12,700 jobs, contributing more than $309 million in salaries and wages and more than $62 million in state and local taxes. The end result is a total impact of nearly $925 million on Utah’s economy.

Hunters are also the driving force behind many of Utah’s conservation efforts. Hunters pay a special tax on their equipment through the Pittman-Robertson Act. Pittman-Robertson dollars are used to pay for conservation efforts. Pittman-Robertson dollars help game and non-game species, and they benefit Utah’s outdoors that are enjoyed by hunters and non-hunters alike.

Hunting is enjoyed in every state across the country. From the woods of Pennsylvania to the marshes of Minnesota to the mountains of Utah, hunters can be found enjoying their sport and the great outdoors. Not only is hunting beneficial to the hunter, it’s beneficial to everyone, hunter and non-hunter alike. Hunting is a key driver in conservation efforts and economic activity and Hunting Works For America has been a great success in spreading that message. To date, we have more than 700 partners representing various industries, organizations and thousands of members and individuals.

Becoming a partner is free. If you haven’t already done so, please visit for more information on becoming a partner and supporting our message of conservation, prosperity and jobs for Utah.

Chris Dolnack is senior vice president and chief marketing officer for the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Follow him on Twitter at @ChrisDolnack.

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