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July 28, 2017

Welcome to the New

By Laura Springer

As you have recently noticed, the team at NSSF has been hard at work to bring you an entirely new web portal. More than just a redesign, we’ve completely re-engineered and modernized the experience to be a “hub” of information for you, your business, and your customers. Here are just a few of the key items we’d like to call your attention to:

Content Prioritization

As The Firearms Industry Trade Association, our primary focus is you – our members. As such we’ve tailored our focus to be approximately 80% for the members and 20% for the Shooting Public. Your clients and customers will be excited to easily find the new Where to Shoot, Where to Hunt and Where to Buy applications from either the large callouts on the home page, the Consumer menu triggered in the upper right of the screen or, in the case of Where to Shoot, by clicking the target icon in the header.

By prioritizing this functionality and giving the entire site a clean, modern feel, our message is, “We, the Industry, are here to serve you with modern technologies.” A rising tide raises all boats. The Where to Shoot application in particular has undergone a major update in appearance and functionality and we believe it represents a major move forward in helping the shooting public find a range. Where to Buy may seem like a completely new feature because it is now accessible.

An important note here is that both Where to Shoot and Where to Buy get their information directly from your Salesforce record and are updated nightly. Did you recently add a 1,000 yard range and our Range Locator has you listed as 200 yard only? Check your LyR record.

For you, the Industry, we’ve taken our Persona Menus – Retailers, Ranges, Manufacturers and Media – and significantly expanded that functionality. It now includes a full featured dropdown menu complete with links to evergreen content, additional prioritized content with text highlights and a video targeted to each persona group. Once you open this navigation, you will be able to get to your own “mini-site” of content specifically tailored to your group.

Key Home Page Callouts

When you told us what three pieces of information you need the most… we listened. That’s why we made three key callouts for Safety, Government Relations and Compliance. Now we’ll watch and listen more – if something else becomes more critical to you, we can easily change them. Click on any of these and be taken to an overview of that topic.

Fresh News Articles and Improved Search

We spent a lot of time looking at data and interviewing folks and what we learned was that you needed to find what you were looking for faster. We’ve fixed this in several ways:

  1. On the Home page, you will see the most recent news posts constantly updating. As soon as a new one is posted, an old one drops off. So check back often!
  2. On your Persona home page, you will see the three to five key news posts just for that persona.
  3. On all of the sub pages you will see key news posts in the “right rail.”
  4. The News page features all the articles filterable by category or tag. Find a category or tag grouping you want to keep up on? Bookmark it and you can always return to the freshest information in that grouping.
  5. The Search located in the header now indexes site-wide. We’ve condensed the previous multiple platforms under one technology stack, migrated all essential content (over 2,000 pages!) and indexed it all for ease of use.

Links to Research and Key Campaigns

We also heard you tell us you couldn’t find the Research articles you were looking for. So we’ve included a prominent spot on the home page as well as within the “hamburger menu”. Much of this Research is available through Salesforce and will be noted with a “Log in to view.” Anywhere you see this call-out, you will know that is member-specific content.

While we recognize the new represents a major design shift, more importantly, a lot of effort went in to review what is actually needed, then deconstruct the old site link-by-link, and rebuild it from the ground up to be simple, intuitive and easy to use. There are many more features we have included to improve things such as readability, accessibility, performance and security – too many to list here!

Our next step is to continue listening, continue refining and continue serving you – our customers and friends – as you serve the shooting public.

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