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June 15, 2023

Webinars for Firearm Industry Businesses

NSSF® is hosting a series of webinars for firearm retailers, shooting ranges, manufacturers, and other industry-related businesses looking to raise the bar for their customers, stay competitive in their market and stay in compliance with ever-changing regulations.


Recordings of the 2022 Firearm Industry Compliance Education series will be made available in NSSF’s SHOT University Online – the firearm industry’s premier resource for education and training — available for free to NSSF Members and their staff.

Not an NSSF Member? Visit or reach out to our member services team at To learn more about NSSF’s SHOT University Online, visit

Preparing Your Business and Team for the Ever-changing Market Conditions

Webinar: Preparing your business and team for the ever changing market conditionsIn this session, presented by Hank Yacek of Point of Impact Consulting and member of the NSSF Retail Advisory Council, we’ll explore how investing time and effort into improved sales techniques, strategic inventory management, performance metrics trends, and other actionable tactics can help turn what we often see as a burdensome “Slow season” into the opportunity for “Go season!”

Watch at SHOT University™ Online

Top 10 Things Everybody Loves About Insurance

Top 10 Things Everybody Loves About Insurance - Presented by Stephanie Verseman of Breckenridge InsuranceDo you know the different types of insurance that are available to gun stores & shooting ranges? In this session, Stephanie Verseman of Breckenridge Insurance reviews the key components and considerations of buying insurance for firearm industry-related businesses. You’ll learn about the recent changes in the insurance industry that pertain to the firearm industry, compare various insurance products available, and what is typically required to get an insurance quote. Verseman also shares tips on what you can do to make your business a more insurable risk & help reduce insurance costs.

Watch at SHOT University™ Online

Branded Merchandise: First Steps to Elevate and Monetize Your Brand

Webinar: Branded Merchandise: First Steps to Maximizing Your Brand and Increasing High Margin Revenue Through It - Presented by Sarah Parkhurst, Director of Business Operations at Ann Arbor ArmsYour brand is more than just a logo. This webinar will cover how to elevate and manage your brand and the best practices to consistently increase high-margin revenue through it. Learn the basics of creating a branded merchandise plan for your business including cost-effective strategies that would work best for you. Gain insight on how to apply visual merchandising principles to not only your branded merchandise but across your store to encourage add-on sales and an increased average ticket.

Watch at SHOT University™ Online

Preparing for an ATF Inspection

Square Thumbnail Image. Reads: How to Prepare for an ATF Inspection. NSSF: The Firearm Industry Trade AssociationIf ATF walked through your FFLs door today, are you prepared for an inspection? In this session, NSSF Compliance Consult Team members Judy Bender and Wally Nelson walk you through the types of inspections that occur and why, the various parts of an ATF compliance inspection, and how preparations can help you have a clean inspection.

Watch at SHOT University™ Online

Buying & Building: How to Start Up and Step Up Your Business!

Graphic image that reads "Shooting Range/Retailer Webinar - Buying & Building: How to Start Up and Step Up Your Business!"In a world of dramatically increasing development costs, the time is ripe for both startups and existing business owners to look outside their four walls for opportunities. In this webinar, we will share strategies for inorganic growth through buying shooting sports-related businesses (potential mergers and acquisitions). We will also explore ways to organically grow your business by stepping up your business analytics, professional development and creating new strategic partnerships. Action item takeaways and financial examples for these opportunities will also be shared.

Watch at SHOT University™ Online

5 Essential Tips for Creating a Successful Marketing Plan

Webinar Thumbnail: 5 Essential Tips for Creating a Successful Marketing Plan with Oliver Bourne, CEO Elevate AdvertisingA successful marketing plan can help your Range/Retail develop, expand, and reach new heights. Learn how to create a marketing plan that works for you. In this webinar, you’ll learn proven strategies that you can use to expand your audience and grow your reputation. We’ll explore industry insights and examples used by other ranges and retailers around the country. You’ll walk away with the keys to discovering being successful by clarifying your message to customers, no-cost methods to improve your website, tools to increase your brand awareness, and the best practices when creating content.

Watch at SHOT University™ Online

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