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November 19, 2009

Waterfowl Guns Tested in the N.Y. Times. That’s Right, The Times!

In the newspaper's Styles section today, above the fold and above a story about yoga and with a headline of "For the Holiday Hunter-Gatherer" (echoing the eco-friendly nature of the paper) is a gear test on waterfowl guns. The Times’ treatment is not much different than you'd see in any hunting magazine.

The Times' story starts . . .

There are 2.3 million people in the United States who hunt migratory birds, according to the Fish and Wildlife Service. And in many parts of the country it is duck hunting season. Waterfowl guns are now more versatile than ever, with features that let hunters use shells of various sizes and keep a tighter pattern to their shots at longer ranges.

Beretta, Browning, Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing, Weatherby and Tristar Sporting Arms waterfowlers are reviewed by Paul Hunt, a hunter and police sergeant from Massachusetts. Bill Lyons, chairman of the state's Ducks Unlimited chapter, explains why the shotguns are camo dipped. Bass Pro Shops in Foxborough handled the transfers.

View the story as a slide show online.

Do we think this is the start of trend at The Times? No, we don't.

But if it were, we say, watch out, Outdoor Life!

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