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June 5, 2019

Three Ways to Reach More of the Right People with Facebook Ads

By Karrie Christen

In my last article, I made the argument for placing ads on Facebook and utilizing its Business Manager to improve their effectiveness. Let’s talk now about to get the most out of that investment.

You can reach people for marketing purposes using Facebook ads in three primary ways:

Borrow or Rent the Access to People You Want to Reach

Facebook gives unprecedented access to the right people through detailed targeting, pixel tracking and retargeting. Some examples:

Add your Facebook tracking pixel to your website by either sending the tracking pixel to your website designer. If you have a site you can easily install a plugin that can put the pixel on your website for you.

Nail your targeting for a great ad through Facebook’s Business Manager, then retarget those people and like-minded people again and again.

Use your pixel data to find more people on Facebook — Create a Lookalike Audience.

Create a targeted audience in Facebook’s Business Manager with a combination like the Firearms News Magazine and something else related, then mix that with a five-mile radius around your location.

Retarget people who watched a specific percentage of your video ad but didn’t take advantage of the offer — and get creative when you do so.

Rent-to-Own Access (Or Move Potential Customers into Your Database)

I know that if I do things correctly with my Facebook ad, I have a good chance of moving the people my ad reaches into my personal database outside of Facebook. This should be your primary goal while using Facebook ads because once you have this audience in your database you can more specifically market to them through commonly used connectivity platforms like MailChimp. Examples:

Use your ads or a messenger bot to collect email addresses in exchange for something valuable to your prospect — “Sign-up For Our Email List and Get 10-Percent off Your First Order.”

Collect email addresses from people that take advantage of other offers, whether in person or online.

Move people into a Facebook private group and require an email address as a part of the request to join

Many of these ideas can be implemented with or without a paid ad depending on your Facebook following and activity level.

Pair Your Current Email List or Database with Facebook

This is an incredibly affordable way to send out a promotion or keep in front of current clients and prospects. For example:

Create a Custom Audience by uploading your client email or phone list into Facebook’s ads manager.

Look for like-minded people based on your custom audience, especially those “friends” suggested by Facebook. You can also use your custom audience to create a Lookalike Audience that will do the same thing for you.

When ads are placed correctly, connecting to your email list through Facebook generally costs much less than physically mailing to them and gets better results compared to sending an email. Facebook’s Messenger, for instance, generally has an 80- to 90-percent open rate compared to emails at around 10- to 15-percent.

About the Author
Karrie Christen is a veteran marketer with 23 years in the field. After seeing her parents’ business fail and the anguish it brought to her family emotionally and financially, she was driven to create a formula that attracts all the clients a business needs to thrive. That drive became The Client Attraction Formula, which provides inspiration, education and business development strategies to small businesses. Christen has also teamed with FFL Consultants, a collaborative resource for FFLs with a goal of creating more compliant, safe, secure and profitable businesses.

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