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November 2, 2012

The Only Poll That Matters – Election Day

#gunvote 2012 -- Don't Risk Your RightsAs the election season comes to a close and the television commercials, political mailings, and radio advertisements reach a fevered crescendo, the pundits are studying poll results that seem to shift by the hour. But in the end there is only one poll that truly matters, and that is Election Day itself. It is your vote that will make the difference. Your vote is your singular opportunity to make a choice between freedom or control, protection of your rights or a wholesale assault on them by groups bent on erasing the Second Amendment.

Some will always say that one vote does not matter and that the choice of a single individual will not have any impact. But the evidence says otherwise.

The annals of recent history are replete with examples of elections that were decided by a scant handful of votes. The reason is that elections in the U.S. have become increasingly polarized. Our nation is closely divided politically, and the outcome of elections increasingly hinges on turnout.

Here are just a few examples. The 2000 Presidential election boiled down to 537 votes out of more than 5.9 million cast in Florida, which illustrates full well how a few votes can decide an election and shape a country. Four short years later the 2004 presidential election boiled down to who won the state of Ohio. Also in 2004, the gubernatorial election in Washington state was decided on a second recount by a margin of 133 votes — out of more than 2.8 million cast. And in Minnesota in 2008, another second recount decided the winner by 312 votes out of more than 2.8 million cast – 238 days after the election took place.

This year will be no different. On November 6, many races all across the country will come down to just a few votes. And one of those votes could be yours.

Of course, processing the plethora of information that inundates the voters in the last few weeks of an election can be a daunting task. But most of us have made up our minds long before that, at which point our duty becomes much like shotgun shooting – dependent purely on follow-through. That is why voting matters and why your vote will always count.

Take a stand this election and don’t risk your rights on Tuesday — #gunvote!

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