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July 6, 2020

The 2020 Ambassador Academy was a Success

The Ambassador Academy sailed through its second successful class despite having to reschedule over the COVID-19 pandemic. Originally slated to take place in march, organizers for the event took their cue when USPSA rescheduled its Multi-Gun Nationals for June 14-15, rebooting the Academy for June 6-10.

Ambassador Academy Classroom

The Academy is a five-day program for firearm industry brand ambassadors. The event covers topics including filming and editing, social media analytics and strategy, friendly and hostile communications, and on-camera interviews. Live-fire time on the range is also included, but the photography session alone is worth the price of admission.

NSSF, the trade association for the firearm industry, is a proud sponsor of the Ambassador Academy. NSSF, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Chris Dolnack said, “We believe this type of training is critical for ambassadors and influencers to be better prepared to represent not only their partners but the 2nd Amendment community as a whole.’

Held at a private, five-star facility outside of Orlando, Florida, students reported extensive learning. Owners of Lake Martin Munitions, Jodie and David McGirt, said, “The Ambassador Academy will be required for any ambassadors representing our brand.”

Ambassador Academy owners and organizers Ryan and Dianna Muller were thrilled to be able to fill the class with only three weeks’ notice. “We scheduled this at the beginning of the year to be kind of a spring-training event, but we are open to putting on more than one a year if companies or students see the value and are interested in more of a custom class focused on their specific brand.”

Learn more about the Ambassador Academy here.

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