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September 23, 2011

‘Take Your Kid Hunting’ Sweepstakes

We hope you make time to enjoy bird hunting this fall and also to watch Scott Linden’s Wingshooting USA television series, which kicks off its third season the week of September 26. One segment will feature an Idaho hunt with last year’s winner of the NSSF-sponsored “Take Your Kid Hunting” sweepstakes.

You can enter this year’s sweepstakes at Entering gives you a chance to win one of four $500 gift certificates to a wingshooting preserve near you or the grand prize of a hunt with Scott and (possibly) his wirehaired pointer, Buddy, star of Wingshooting USA’s Buddy & Me segments.

Want to know what wingshooting is all about? Watch this 30-second video from NSSF for a quick overview. After doing so, we hope you’ll want to give hunting a try. One of the best places to learn is at a wingshooting preserve, which can be found at

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