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February 8, 2011

Stream NSSF Safety Videos

With one of our favorites being the  “little Darth Vader” spot, we enjoyed many of the Super Bowl ads on Sunday night and were reminded of the power of video to entertain and inform. With that in mind, NSSF reminds parents and teachers that it has three firearm safety videos available to watch instantly online, with two of them designed to educate students about how to safely respond if they should encounter a firearm in an unsupervised situation.

New, higher-definition versions of NSSF’s firearms safety videos are available, including for the first time in its entirety “McGruff on Gun Safety,” the educational video for children in grades K through 6. Also available for viewing are “It’s Your Call: Playing It Safe Around Guns” designed for students in grades 6 though 9, and “Firearm Safety Depends on You,” which provides a review of firearm safety rules for audiences of all ages. All videos can be streamed free of charge.

NSSF encourages parents to watch the appropriate video with their children and bring these videos to the attention of their children’s teachers, who can request a DVD free of charge to use in their classrooms.

Education is “the force” that can help prevent firearm accidents, which are at an all-time low and represent less than one percent of all accidental fatalities in the United States.

Read NSSF’s press release.

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