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July 16, 2012

Soros, S.B. 2099 Rumors Die Hard

If a cat has nine lives, then a rumor must have 999. Two rumors we thought were tamped out—one about anti-gun financier George Soros controlling Freedom Group, which owns Remington, Bushmaster, Marlin and a host of other industry companies, and the other about bogus Senate Bill 2099 that would require firearms owners to list their guns on their federal tax forms—have flared up again.

Neither is true.

As for the Soros rumor, the investor is neither connected to Freedom Group nor Cerberus Capital Management, the firm which owns Freedom Group.  Freedom Group is a privately owned corporation run by sportsmen, shooters and firearms enthusiasts.

With respect to S.B. 2099, there is no such legislation that would allegedly require gun owners to list their firearms on their tax documents and pay upward of $50 per gun owned.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s never good when misinformation distracts us from our core issues, especially in an election year.  If you happen to hear or see online this misinformation, please bust the myth.  All you need to do is direct people to the numerous third-party sites offering independent confirmation that both rumors are false. Our industry has enough real enemies to worry about; we should not be creating phantom threats.

Soros Rumors Debunked

S.B. 2099 Rumors Debunked

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