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March 10, 2010

Sneak Preview of NSSF Ad

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In conjunction with several First Shots seminars scheduled at shooting ranges in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, NSSF will be running this ad in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune and St. Paul Pioneer Press to remind residents about what the firearms industry is doing to promote safe and responsible ownership and storage.

The ad says, "80 million firearms owners across America are committed to firearms safety–and so are we [the National Shooting Sports Foundation]."

The copy continues, "That's why we've been an advocate for firearms safety, education, lawful ownership and responsible enjoyment of hunting and the shooting sports for over 50 years."

NSSF has run similar notices in the Washington, D.C., Chicago and Los Angeles markets. In each case the purpose was to show gun owners, as well as those considering purchasing a firearm and even those who choose not to own, that the firearms industry has long been dedicated to promoting the safe and lawful use of its products.

This message and our First Shots seminars had a particularly strong meaning for residents of Washington, D.C., who, thanks to the Supreme Court's Heller decision, had their right to own a handgun restored. Chicago residents are hoping for the same result when the Supreme Court issues a decision in the McDonald v. City of Chicago case.  

First Shots is NSSF's program that provides an introduction to shooting. Last year 6,000 people were introduced to the enjoyment of handgun and long-gun shooting at 259 First Shots seminars across the country. Many seminars, as in Chicago and L.A., were filled to capacity. We hope Minnesotans will react just as enthusiastically.

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